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A boy named Brady
- calls literally everyone a bitch for no reason
- I guess you could call him tall
- wears fake Rolex or whatever you call that stuff
- Is weirdly actually nice to me
- has alot of followers on Instagram for his age
- Is friends with everyone almost
- always Stylin his hair
- has attitude
- has a nice singing voice (I heard his voice once for a solo he had in music class when we were little and it was actually pretty good)

A girl named penny
- Is very smart
- talks about things nobody really knows about
- Is nice to everyone
- weird
- where's braids
- Is not afraid to speak her mind

A girl named aaliyah
- talks about how she's always constipated (do not ask)
- loud but sometimes shy
- hangs out with mostly boys
- will be nice to someone, then when they walk away she's like "fuckin bitch"
- Is dating brady ^^
- bothers me but in a funny way
- face turns red when she laughs
- Is lowkey a bad ass

A boy named issac
- Is quiet 
- His classmates make fun of him :(
- I have some little conversations with him at lunch
- minds his own business
- Is really nice
- sits alone in the bus :(
- likes to wonder around in his own world :)
- I wish I could be friends with him :)

A girl named Liberty
- Is short
- falls down on purpose
- Is good at drawing
- Is sometimes really annoying
- calms down when she knows it's the right time too
- has trouble reading
- but is still smart :)

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