Chapter 21

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-Kankri P.O.V-

"Cronus, calm down." Less than a minute since he woke up and he already has a gun pointed at you.

"What's with all the magic shit?!" Does he even trust you enough to even consider you trying to help him.

"You're welcome." He seems confused by what you've said. "This is for healing potions, to treat your injuries. You're welcome, idiot."

"Oh." He lowers his weapon. "This is awkward."

"No kidding, now drink this." He surprisingly complies, then gags.

"This tastes like shit!"

"What do you expect? It's a potion, usually people put it into food to improve the taste, but by itself it's always bitter, kinda like you."

"Hey! I am not bitter!" You roll your eyes.

"Keep it down, Karkat's trying to sleep, and yes, you are." He huffs and crosses his arms, you head into the kitchen to get something sweet to counter the bitter taste, the only thing you find are the cupcakes your cousin Meulin made for you while she was in town recently, you remember she spent an hour trying to get the pastries to look like cats, complete with little ears made from marshmallows, you hesitantly grab one and head back out to the living room. Cronus instantly notices the cupcake.

"Didn't take ya for the cutesy type." You inject the potion into the cupcake.

"I'm not, my cousin made these, she visits every summer, she only stays about a week tough, apparently her boyfriend is possessive, and given what I've sensed he's a controlling cultist as well. I worry about her sometimes."

"You could've just given me the cupcake." He's right, you shouldn't be telling him this, you guess you need to stop keeping to yourself so much, this isn't any of his business. You give him the cupcake and watch his expression completely change to one of pure joy and content. "Say, do you have anymore of these?"

"Yes, we do." He starts asking you were they are, you simply get up, go to the kitchen, grab a cupcake, then come back and take the largest bite you can out of it. "I said we have more, not that you can have more. It's bad enough Karkat can't go two seconds without eating one, so why should I tell you where I hid them?" Meulin sure knows what she's doing when it comes to baking, the cupcake is almost as sweet as her.

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