i wont be your boyfriend for long

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Shawn is taking me out for dinner ,he started to seem really weird-i am worried a bit. A knock at my door cut me from my thoughts, "yes"i say "Shawns here to pick you up" tyler my brother said.

I stood up and checked what i was wearing once more in the mirror before adding some lip gloss. I walked downstairs to see shawn standing there with roses - as i walked down his smile grew wider our eye contact didnt break once.

We were face to face at this point "these are for you" he passed me the roses "thankyou they are beautiful"i kissed his cheek. "Like you then" he whispers in my ear.

Shawn led me to his jeep after saying goodbye to my parents. After a journey what consisted of singing ,dancing and a lot more we made it there. Shawn jumped out the car just as i was about to open the door he locks it and comes round to my side.

He unlocked it and opend my door helping me to the ground. "Such a gentleman mendes" he smiles. "For the most gorgeous princess in the whole world"we walked into the restaurant.

"Reservations for mendes" shawn spoke- the girl lead us to the table. I was soo jelous of her she is stunning she is also flirting with shawn. She kept sending dirty looks at me. "What can i get for you handsome" the waitress says

"I will have a mid cooked stake and a side of chips with coleslaw" he said. She was about to walk of "wait! I will have macaroni cheese" i said and shot her a dirty look.

"Thats all"shawn asked "yeh a problem she probly would have walked away anyway" shawn laughed "are you jelous" he looked at me "no!! But i am hungry". Me and shawn talked till dinner came.

After dinner shawn said he needed to tell me something serious "soo you are gorgeous i love you to bits from the moment we met i fell in love i remember when we had a mini wedding i wish it was true but the reason im saying this is beacuse i wont be your boyfreind for long"i stared at him.

"Are you breaking up with me" i asked- his faced looked panicked "no no no im saying" he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring "will me marry me" tears were now streaming down my face "yes yes yes" i hugged him sooo tight and smashed lips with him.

"I love you "

I love you toox


Hey i just wanted to say a big thankyou for getting me to #2 Aaroncarpenter it means sooooo much i love you guys millions i am starting a new book soo i hope you like it ly guys ~n❤💚💜💙💛💙💜💚

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