Calm The Fire: 87

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“What about Bilbo?” Ori's voice asked tentatively as they could hear the movements of the dragon within the Mountain.

“Give him more time.” Thorin replied while he stood looking out at the darkened surroundings before him. He crossed his arms and barely looked over his shoulder at Ori to reply.

“Time to do what?” Balin appeared suddenly by his side. “To be killed?” His tone was a generally curious one, yet he was serious with his words.

“You're afraid,” Thorin looked to the elder Dwarf.

“Yes,” Balin admitted truthfully. “I'm afraid, I fear for you. A sickness lies upon that treasure horde. A sickness which drove your grandfather mad.” Balin said while pointing a finger at him.

“I am not my grandfather.” Thorin retorted simply.

“You're not yourself. The Thorin I know would not hesitate to go in there.”

“I will not risk this quest for the life of one burglar.” Thorin said, his voice becoming quiet and distant.

“Bilbo.” Balin said shortly. “His name is Bilbo.”

Balin turned then and left Thorin with his thoughts. His words were enough of an incentive for Thorin to turn and walk towards the doorway into the Lonely Mountain. As he passed he reached down for his sword and walked into the darkened corridor which he found himself in. Picking up his pace, Thorin soon found himself running down the corridor, and then down another. As a hot flash of heat and light flared up from one corridor, he lifted his arm up to shield himself. When it passed, he picked up running again. He slowed down though when he found himself on the walk way which Bilbo was on previously.

Thorin slowed down and looked to the sight before him. He had never before seen so much treasure in his life. It all glittered in the lighting, shimmering under the moonlight which was filtering through the dark and dusty windows.

He let out a low sigh, he couldn't believe it, behind him there was the quiet pitter-patter of feet which caused him to suddenly lift his weapon up ready for attack if he needed it. Only, he seemed he wouldn't need to use the sword at all. From around the corner of another staircase appeared Bilbo. Slightly smoky looking and out of breath, but very much here.

“You're alive.” Thorin said, he couldn't help but sound surprised, he honestly didn't expect him to be as harsh as that was.

“Not for much longer,” came Bilbo's response as he quickly made his way over to him.

“Did you find the Arkenstone?” Thorin asked, his tone quiet and blunt.

“The dragon's coming!” Bilbo exclaimed, out of all times to ask, couldn't Thorin have chosen to ask in a more convenient place, like outside?

“The Arkenstone? Did you find it?” Thorin asked again, his voice becoming more blunt this time.

Bilbo hesitated before shaking his head. “No, we have to get out.” He went to take a step forwards only to stop when Thorin lifted the sword in his hands and barred the doorway. “Thorin,” Bilbo said while looking at the sword in front of him then to the owner. “Thorin!” He exclaimed and held his hands up when Thorin pushed the sword against Bilbo's chest from where he was backing away. He took a step forwards as Bilbo took a step back, through it all he didn't think he'd be on the other end of a sword while being threateningly looked at. As much as this moment should have occupied his mind at the moment, he couldn't help but notice something behind Thorin. Something big, angry, and ready to attack at any moment.

Thorin seemed to sense Bilbo's attention being elsewhere and slowly turned. The threatening looks which he was sending the Hobbit's way moments ago was replaced by a look of shock and disbelief. He raised his sword just as the other Dwarves came charging down the corridor exclaiming.

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