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The next morning I woke up, and immediately stepped into the shower in a rush I didn't exactly know what time the Cullen's were coming to pick me up.

Stepping out of the shower I got dressed, and out on my circle frame glasses, before drying and curling my short hair, that has grown around to a curly, whispy bob over the summer.

Stepping out of the shower I got dressed, and out on my circle frame glasses, before drying and curling my short hair, that has grown around to a curly, whispy bob over the summer

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I tucked the blue sweater into the pants at the front, and I slid on black cover pumps and started on my way downstairs.

I grabbed my messanger bag, an apple and walked out of the house to see Emmet's Jeep and Rosalie's red convertible pull up.

I hopped in Emmet's Jeep considering Jasper was there and that was the only open seat.

We arrived to school, and instantly we saw Bella and Edward come over. Bella knew about them now but all she did was talk about becoming one of them I don't think it helps that in three more days she'll be older than Edward in human age.

Stepping out of the car Jasper's arm instantly slung itself over my shoulders pulling me into him. I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about that considering I'm very young for a senior.

My birthday is only four days after Bella's and I would be turning seventeen and Jasper was turned when he was nineteen.

We all walked up to the front desk to get out new senior year schedules.

Clove Robertson

Since we were all seniors and had all out credits that we needed, we would get to leave school at 5th period so that's cool I looked over at Jaspers schedule.

Jasper Hale

Jasper, Rosalie and I all had first period together. We walked into the room and Mr. H singed our slips.

We all sat next to each other in the back, the teacher told we were just gonna get to know everyone since it's the first day.

Jasper turned his chair so he was sitting on it backwards and his head layed on my shoulder.

Why? I have no clue, maybe he just thought I was comfortable.

The school day went by pretty quick, considering all the classes were just doing get to know everyone and that we all had early dismissel.

We were all walking out of the school and it was around 11:20, Alice had asked to come over my house and I eagerly said yes.

Both Alice and I hopped into Emmet Jeep so when he could drop us off and Rose, Danny, Jasper and Edward could all just go straight home.

We arrived at my house, thanked Emmet for the ride and rushed up to my room.

"Ok so I need your help." Alice stated, laying next to me on my bed, as I was lent on my side to look at her.

"Yeah, with what?" I asked, looking at her as she got a large smirk on her face.

"I want to throw a birthday party for you and Bella." She responded smiling.

"Aww Alice, thank you! But you really don't need to." I stated while sitting up to hug her.

"No I want to!" She quickly responded, putting her hands out.

"Ok, so what do you need my help with?" I asked, with a small smile at the adorable pixies energy.

"The food, I need you to get the cake and maybe some cupcakes?" She stated in way it sounded more like a question.

"I got it, so now that we got that out of the way what do you want to do?" I questioned looking up at her.

"Plan what we are going to wear to the party." She stated, before pulling up tons of ideas.

Alice stayed till six, she hugged me before running home.

I went back upstairs after locking the door, I cleaned my room up a bit before putting on a movie.

I was watching "10 things I hate about you" also known as one of my top 10 favorite movies.

I fell asleep like that, cuddled into my fluffy blanket, watching Heath ledger play paint ball.

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