17 (Words)

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"Namjoon!" Jin looked at the younger who was getting his bag ready for work. "I'm all done, are you?" Jin asked.

"Yeah, but maybe you need a break." Namjoon looked at Jin who looked down at his feet. "Or you can come in was just saying because of what happened..." Namjoon stood up in an awkward position.

Jin's head instantly rose and he grabbed namjoon's arm out the door. "Can I tell you a joke?" Without namjoon's reply, jin quickly told the joke "I'm so bored, do you know what kind of bored? A floorboard!" Jin was laughing at his own joke while namjoon tutted and shook his head

"There's also whiteboard, blackboard, smartboard, chalkboard, and the actual bored." Namjoon said proudly while jin huffed and crossed his arms.

"You killed the joke! At least pretend it was funny..." Jin pouted his lip which made namjoon laugh sarcastically.

He was laughing so much that his mouth was wide open and his head was up, only to get bird poo fall in his mouth. "What the fuck this Yuck!"

Jin thought this wasn't the appropriate time to laugh so he looked around for the nearest store to get namjoon a tissue. "Here use this."

Once namjoon had wiped his mouth, he looked at Jin seriously "I know you're trying to hold your laughter in. Just laugh."

Namjoon was not expecting jin to laugh so much that he would do fall to the floor. "Y-you hahaha t-this is p-probably hahaha the f-first hahaha time hahaha I've seen hahahah someone bird shit in their mouth!" Jin could no longer control it and let it all out. Which made the younger super embarrassed.

"Okay okay, are you done?"

Jin looked up to think if all his laughter was gone "Wait HA! Now I'm done let's go."

"Thank you sir here's your change." Jin looked at the customer go out of the cafe and pat himself on the back for doing a good job at taking he order and giving change. But he wishes he could bake the cake.

he sighed and carries on his work, until he sees namjoon walking past him. "wait namjoon" Namjoon turned around and smiled waiting for the older to continue "I never got to thank you properly, the truth is I'm very scared and I never get that many friends."

"you know, i may be younger, but i act like your older." Namjoon gave jin one of those bro hugs and patted his back then left.

"will I always get those same bro hugs forever?" Jin muttered under his breath before taking the next order.

"hello what would you like?" The boy gave his cute smile and the customer jut fake laughed.

"You like him?" The customer, who was a girl, pointed at namjoon.

"yeah as a friend sure" Jin sort of questioned that because he didn't even know what he wanted to be.

"just give me my latte, i'm jennie and that's my girlfriend. i'll be off now bye" After that, Jennie left with her latte and jin started to question.

Do I like Namjoon?

He kept asking the same question to himself the whole day not that he didn't know it's just that he didn't want to. He knows namjoon is not gay so he should just act like a good friend to him.

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