ohhhh ya mr.crabs

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it was a warm summer day in fehburary in lazy town.

 there was a fast blu boio running around n shit. 

and a pink gurl cooking up that gay shit.

but y/n could only think about on person. 


his beautiful, brown locks.

his piercing, hazel orbs.

the way his yellow suit and red tie would flop around in the wind.

oh how good they would look on my bedroom floor. 

i slowly dig my fingers in my anus as i think these thoughts.

 his lovely dick he hides so well in his tight pants riding my ass

 the ecstasy flowing through my veins

i couldnt hold it in any longer

"FUCK ME StiInGEH" i shrieked shitting mysef in the process. 

the bouncing ball outside suddenly stopped. 


sweet Jesus what is this.... cowritten by @AnxiousRoses and Kobie Vilaphone (my daddy) 

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