Chapter 2

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"Mommy!!!"He said in his cute voice and looked up at me smiling.

He seems to be around two years old. His smile is heart melting and really cute.

I bent down to come to his level and smiled at him.
"Kiddo! I am not your mommy."I said smiling.
"No!!! You are my mommy!"He said and hugged me.
I looked at Charles, who came to stand beside me.
"Julia, do you know him?"He whispered to me.
"Does it look like I know him?"I whispered back. He just shrugged his shoulders while I shook my head at him.
"Where are your parents? They must be worried about you."I said looking towards the door.
"He must have seen you from the window and confused you with his mom."Charles said to me. I nodded to him.
"What's your name?"I asked him.

"Zack!!!"someone said and we all looked at the door.
For a second, I forgot to blink my eyes.
A tall guy with the most handsome face I have ever seen was standing there. He looked like some Greek god that have come to earth. He was standing at a distance but I can tell that his eyes are black, the black that could just make you disappear in them. And his hair looks soft and untidy, maybe because he ruffled them with his fingers. His expression looks worried and...
"Zack! Come here!"He said bringing me out of the fan land. I blinked my eyes several times.

"Daddy! Look! Mommy is here!"Zack said and his dad's gaze now turned towards me.
I looked down and then again at him but this time his expression was different and confusing. His eyes grew wide. He looked shocked and confused. He showed a happy expression and then his expression changed to anger and hurt and sadness. I don't know what's going on in his head but I feel like he hates me for some reason.
"Umm...he must have confused me with his mom."I said smiling awkwardly.

"Zack! Come here! We need to go home!"He said to his son in a stiff voice.
"Mommy, let's go!"he said to me and smiled.
"Zack! I am asking you to come here!"He said getting angry.
He is gonna scare the kid! How can he  use such harsh tone with his own son...I thought he is a good and kind  dad but I think I was wrong.
"Mommy, let's go home."He said to me and held my hand smiling.
I looked at his dad who looked really angry. I have to do something before he vents out his anger on this innocent angel.
"Umm...Zack, I am not you mommy. Your mommy is at home, so you need to go home with your dad."I said to him and smiled.
"No!! You are my mommy!!"He said and hugged me again.
"ZACK!!!"the devil dad shouted.

Zack tightened his hug, that devil must have scared him.

I need to make Zack go with him otherwise he will get even more angry.
I looked at Charles for help.
He bent down beside me.
"Hey, Zack!"He said in a friendly tone.
Zack looked at him.
"I am Charles. I am your mommy's friend."He said and smiled.
I looked at him shocked. What is he doing?!

"You are mommy's friend?"He asked Charles.
"Yes. And I needed help so your mommy is helping me. So, if she leaves now then there will be no one to help me. Can you let your mommy stay here some more? I promise that I will bring her to you as soon as the work is done."he said and made an innocent face, the face that gets all his work done.
I don't know who looks more innocent now, Zack or Charles.
Zack looked at him and then at me, thought for a second and nodded.
"Ok. I will wait for mommy here."He said.
"Umm...Zack, why don't you go home and wait there. Your daddy seems tired, right? I think he needs to sleep."Charles said to him.
He looked at his daddy who has been glaring at us but softened as soon as his son looked at him.
"Daddy, are you tired?"He asked his dad.
He just nodded his head.
Zack looked again at us and thought for a second.
"Ok. I will go home and wait for mommy there."He said and smiled.

I lifted him up in my arms and brought him outside with his dad and Charles walking behind us.
The driver opened the car door as soon as he saw us. Looking at the car I can say he is really rich but what was he doing here where only economy class people come to dine. Anyways, I don't care.
I put Zack on the seat and smiled at him.
"Come soon, mommy."He said and kissed my cheeks.
"I will."I lied kissing his head.

How did I lie to such a sweet soul? Why do I feel sad letting him go? His mom must be waiting for him back home. How lucky is she to have such a sweet kid.
I closed the door and stepped back.
I looked back at Charles and the devil dad. He was staring at me with such a sweet expression but then his expression changed to hatred, he just ignored me and went to the other side and sat inside. What's wrong with him?!
The car drove off as soon as he sat.
So much arrogance that he didn't care about saying thank you to us.

"Why did you lie to that kid?"I asked Charles as soon as we came back inside.
"Because, he was not going to listen otherwise. And it wasn't a lie because he is gonna meet his mom when he reach home."He said shrugging his shoulders.
I just shook my head because I know he is right and he convinced Zack so easily.
"But, I must say, his dad was so handsome!"He said and winked at me.
"Charles! He is married plus has a kid."I said shaking my head as to deny anything that he is thinking.
"But,"he was saying when I interrupted him.
"I am going to get changed and I think you should get changed too."I said and went to the changing room.

"He was handsome!!"Charles exclaimed as we were walking towards our home.
"He was a jerk."I said rolling my eyes.
"But, you can't deny that he was breathtakingly handsome."Charles said looking at me.
"How is Deven?"I asked changing the topic because if I don't then he will keep on talking about that jerk whose face I really want to forget.
"He is fine."He said looking away so that I don't see his blushing face.
"It's been a year since you two became friends."I said stretching the word friends.
"I know."He said.
"Then, why don't you just take this friendship to some other level."I said and he looked at me with wide eyes and I just winked at him.
"We are just friends!"He said looking away. He has feelings for him but he will never say that loud. I think, I shouldn't force him for anything.

"Ok. Ok. But, I really want to meet him. I mean, he won't be interested in me then why can't you just introduce me to him?"I asked him.
"I will soon."He said looking down.
"I have an idea! Why don't you invite him to the diner?! That way I can meet him!"I said clapping my palms together. His head snapped towards me.
"No!!! No way!!!"He said waving his hands in air.
"But, why?"I asked him pouting.
"Because, I don't look good in that waiter's uniform."He said in a small voice.
"What???" I exclaimed and he looked away blushing profusely.
"So, you two are not 'just friends'."I said hitting his shoulder playfully with mine.
"It's complicated."He said looking away.
"I don't think it's complicated but you are making it complicated. Just tell him how you feel and I am sure, he feels the same way about you."I suggested him.
He looked at me and I smiled encouraging him.
"Wasn't Zack really cute?"He said changing the subject.
I sighed. This is not going to go anywhere.
"Let's walk silently until we reach home, please?"I said to him.
"Ok, Roomie!"He said linking his arms with mine.

Charles and I live together since I came back from his house. The house seemed really empty and hard to live in but Charles's presence have made the house liveable.

He is right, Zack really is the most sweet kid I have met till now.
What I don't understand is, why Zack confused me with his mom. Even seeing my face from so close, he still insisted I was his mom. A child can never confuse his mom with anyone else then how could he confuse to this extent. And then his dad, that arrogant person who was so rude to his own son, I feel so angry just thinking about him. I really hope that I never see him again.

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