Osaka: The Big 'O'

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OSAKA: by CJ Douglass

The door opened behind me, whisper-soft and barely noticeable.

My ears have been well-trained to be alert to the soundless event. I smiled – though my face was pointed away from the door as I smoothed out the blanket on this hotel bed – and called back over my shoulder, "Irasshaimase! I've almost finished getting the room ready – my humblest apologies, Tanaka-sama."

I think I did a good job keeping the irritation out of my voice, personally. My boss had let me know the businesswoman was on her way, but had claimed that she would not arrive up here for at least another five minutes. Her early appearance was therefore an unanticipated annoyance.

However, if I came across as anything other than grovelingly humble to the patrons of  CapriLuxe, my job would be gone in the blink of an eye. My life, quite frankly, would barely be worth living after that. This job was my life; I had nothing else.

"Take your time," the woman behind me sighed in an unexpectedly rich voice. The sound that followed was apparently her briefcase being carelessly dropped in the narrow entranceway.

Tanaka-sama was evidently upset, by her tone, but thank goodness it did not appear to be with me. After putting the last touches to the smoothing of the sheets, I swiveled round to see the lady kicking off her high heels with a lusty sigh.

"I've been wearing those things for about ten hours now," she mumbled in a more casual tone than I might have expected. Her dress was austere and professional, though the friendly cast to her voice was in contrast to that of the similar-looking businessmen I catered to day in and day out at the hotel.

Indeed, it was unusual for us to get female guests of Tanaka-sama's type here at all. Of all the salarymen who came through CapriLuxe, I don't recall off the top of my head ever actually preparing the room for a, uh, salarywoman. It was a refreshing change in our male-dominated society.

Of course, I needed to be careful not to allow the mutuality of our gender and her casual tone to lull me into a lack of professional courtesy. I was but a lowly hotel maid, and she was a powerful businesswoman whom I was here to serve.

Even her height was a contrast to mine; far taller than the typical Japanese woman, she practically towered over me as she casually strolled further into the fancy room. The woman's long hair, dark brown, was pulled back into a tight ponytail, her make-up light but elegant. The buttoned up, professional look to her attire might have given the impression of harshness if not for the delicate cast to her features and the look of relief on her exhausted face.

When she slipped that jet-black blazer off her slight shoulders, my eyes were drawn to the woman's surprisingly large bosom which strained against the buttons of her blouse. I wasn't staring out of desire, you understand – I am strictly heterosexual – but I had never seen, in person, a bust of quite this size before, and it startled me.

"Is there a problem, miss?" Tanaka-sama demanded, and with a start I suddenly realized my own impertinence.

Had she noticed my rude gaze? Oh, I hoped not. One word of negativity reported to my superiors could get me fired on the spot. I could not afford to lose my job, I just couldn't.

"Um." I thought fast, eyes zipping all around the room, pretending they had merely happened to glance across the woman's chest as I took in the environment. Remembering the window behind me, I said, "Would you like the curtains drawn, Tanaka-sama?"

"No." Her tone was lofty, but not stern. She didn't appear offended at my staring, thankfully. "I'd like to look out over the city."

I bowed my head briefly in acknowledgment. "Osaka is beautiful at sunset, ma'am. Enjoy the view."

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