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He picks her up and starts to walk to the infirmary.


Your POV:

I groan. I feel fuzzy and my head hurts a lot... 

"(y/n)?" Someone asks and I open my eyes. Amy is sitting in front of me with a worried look on her face. 

"That's me..." I smile weakly. 

"Where am I?" I ask, sitting up. "Infirmary." She answers and I hear someone whine. I look down and see Sky. 

"Hey, Sky..." I say and only now I realize how tired I am. Less then before I fainted though. 

"How did you know I was here?" I ask and Amy sits at the foot of my bed. 

"Four told us..." She says. '

Four? How did he even know..?' I wonder, but I shrug it off. I sit up and Sky jumps on my lap. 

"Sky!!! Get of..." I whine and she jumps of again. I stand up and look down at my clothes. I'm just wearing shorts and a sport bra. 

"I have to go train..." Amy says and I nod. 

"Okay, just a second." I say, grabbing another outfit. (pic on top) 

"You can't come, you have to sleep." She says. 

"No, I don't... I'm fine." I say as I put on my gloves. 

"Fine... You coming?" She says and I nod. We walk to the training room. Amy pushed open the door and walked in. I followed her with Sky by my side. 

"(y/n), nice to see you again... " Four says, stopping his training. I nod at him and throw of my jacket. 

"You don't have to wait for me! What we doing?"Running for you." Another voice says and I turn around to see Eric standing there. He was wearing a tank top and black pants. 

"Okay!" I say and I start run, but go back. "How many?" "10" He says and I nod. I start to run.

After 15 minutes I'm done with running and I stand next to Eric. 

"Thank you for bringing me to the infirmary..." I say and he looks down at me, since he was much taller then me. 

"No problem... Don't make it happen again..." He says, walking away. 

"(y/n) and Ethan in the circle." Eric yells and I walk to the ring. 

"Ready to lose, Amity?" Ethan says and I scoff. He smirks. He tries to punch me, but I block him and punch him in the face. He groans and I smirk. 

"Come on, stop playing." Eric said and I look at him. Ethan tries to punch me. I grab his wrist, twist it and rap my legs around his neck, bringing him to the floor. (Video above from 2:05 - 2:10) He gasps for air so I let go of him.  He gets up and he tries to hit me again. I dodge it and roll my eyes. 

"That's the best you got?" I say and he growls. He tries again, but I take wrist again and kick him in the groin. He groans and falls to the ground in pain. I push him over and laugh. 

"Weakling..." I mumble, walking out of the circle. 

"Dismissed! You can go to dinner." Four says. I take my jacket from the ground and put it on.

"That was amazing, girl!" Amy said and I thank her. I crouch and scratch Sky's head. 

"Amity! Stay behind will you!" Eric yells and I turn around. "I'll see you later." I tell Amy and she nods. Sky looks at me. 

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