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im v bored..

Jessica's pov


I groggily sit up out of bed and slam my fist down on my alarm clock

I hate mornings, especially Monday mornings i'm just glad that work is met with the sweet sweet smell of coffee I swear to you nothing will ever compare

After I stretch until I think I pull something I slowly but surely crawl out of my warm cocoon of a bed and drag myself to the bathroom and shower

"Ahhhh" I lied a hot shower may just be better than coffee, after my shower I go to the sink and brush and rinse my mouth and pull my hair up into a ponytail and run downstairs and find that I am greeted with nothing but dirty dishes , I groan to myself and mentally debate whether or not to clean it up but then realize I have no one to impress and i'll do it when I can actually give a fuck

I go to the cupboards and grab some peanut butter and then grab bread and make some toast , after the toast is on I grab all of my fruit and chuck them into a blender and decide i'll just get coffee while im working because it is far better, after my smoothie and my toast is getting ready I run upstairs and put on my work clothes which consist of black pants and a white t-shirt , very simple but professional , I decide against makeup because like other days we don't get many customers because even though the coffee shop I work in is in New York which happens to be quite busy we have an unfortunate location of being very near at least six other Starbucks , Those things are everywhere now I swear to god , I then hear the toaster go off and I sprint downstairs and take it out slavering on a very unhealthy amount of peanut butter , I look up to the clock


I quickly devour my toast and pour out my smoothie and quickly down it and then I sprint up the stairs and tug my phone off its charger cursing myself in my head for not getting it while I was getting ready , I quickly unlock my phone and check the time again and check for any updates

"7:41" Damn!

With that I run downstairs and grab my coat and keys off the hook on the wall and run out the door giving myself a pat on the back for remembering to actually lock it in my rushed state.

While i'm running I try and convince myself ,

"I'm not thirsty"

"My legs are not burning"

"This counts as a workout"

I run around the corner and jog into the little coffee shop and check the time now,

"8:02" Yes! I made it!

I sigh in relief and make my way behind the counter and put my apron on , I've put it on that many times its now like routine the way I tie a quick little bow behind my back ,thinking in my head,

"The Dragon goes around the castle, under the bridge, and into the dungeon."

" God I love Shrek" I smile to myself

" What was that?" My co-worker Ashleigh asks with a smile "Oh nothing just babbling" I giggle while a blush threatens to show

" Sure sure you weirdo" She teases , I laugh it off , I would be lying if I said that Ashleigh wasn't my best friend she knows all my little quirks and she likes them , how crazy is that?

I turn around breathing in the beautiful smell of coffee and turn to make myself one making a mental note to put money in the till, I make myself a quick espresso and down it feeling the rush of caffeine in my system and do a little jog on the spot as a shiver , I can definitely feel it now , My mornings gonna be great I can tell

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