African Love-Chapter 20

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Here is Chapter twenty yay! Enjoy!. This chapter is dedicated to @AlexisKyleisha she suggested I call you guys peeps lol.

Chapter 20

Leylani's POV

OK so I'm sitting here in the garden trying to figure out how my life got so screwed up but I can't think of anything. I was looking at the flowers when Hillary walked by and sat next to me. 

"Just wanted to tell you that dinner is ready"

"Thanks" I said looking at her. She got up but before she left I needed to say something to her.

"Hey wait, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier I've been going through some things with my friends and it's really hard to even think without them coming to mind"

"It's OK sweet heart I know you're going through some things"

"How do you know?"

"The way you act towards your friends, it doesn't seem like something you would do. I may not know you or your friends but I do know that they are good people and you should keep them around because one day you're not going to have them"

I took her words and thought about them for awhile

"Thanks I really appreciate that"

"Your welcome I'll talk to you later hon"

And she walked away leaving me sitting on the bench by myself once again.


As I was sitting watching the bee's go to flower to flower my stomach started grumbling which reminded me that dinner was ready. I got up and walked to my room to grab my phone which was charging since it died on the way out of the camp site. As I was opening my door I heard shuffling inside my room. I opened my door and Rachel and Tristan were standing over by my bed.

"What are you guys doing in here?" I asked

"We need to talk"

Trying to follow Hillary's advice I agreed but after dinner I was still hungry. We walked down the hall and around the corner to the mess hall which was just a dining room. I sat down and Rachel sat right beside me while Tristan sat across from me. I was playing with my fork trying to avoid any conversation when this tall, thin, blonde girl sat next to Tristan and smiled. 

What? Who is this snake!

"Hey" she said moving closer to Tristan smiling

"Hi" he said not paying attention to her

Hillary came in next and sat at the head of the table, we all looked at her and she started to speak.

"Welcome everyone to the first dinner in a long time, we will be having duck or salmon with a honey glaze. Greens beans and mashed potatoes. For desert we will be having all traditional ice cream of your choice.

What is this a fine dining restaurant.

This guy in a white chef suite came out and brought us our meal.

We ate in silence until Miss Barbie started talking.

"So, do you have a girlfriend" she asked Tristan

 "Yes" he says looking at me. My heart stops. Rachel starts laughing and the girl looks at her.

"What's so funny" she says

"OK, enough Scarlet!" Hillary says to her granddaughter.

"My girlfriend is sitting right there" he points to me and she gets angry real fast you could tell because her fake tan starts turning red and makes her look like and orange

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