Chapter 12

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For the next few weeks, Pierce had been keeping me busy in the office. I didn't mind much since the year was about to end and we were working on our year-end reports. It was usually busy at this time of year with all the holidays coming up that would eat up some of our working days. I was fine with him giving me some ridiculous requests such as having dinner with him almost every night, doing his dirty laundry even cleaning his apartment. Lately, I felt like I was being treated as a maid. My job specifications only require my assistance related to Alexander Corporation or doing his personal errands that only require paperwork not menial tasks. Wilson never let me do any of these things. However, it was from my own willingness that wanted me to take care of him from the time he got sick. It was my own way of paying him back. Plus, I cared deeply for Wilson.

I hadn't spent enough time with Hugh lately since I had been crammed in this office all day. When I came home from work, he was either asleep or out late for work. We hadn't planned on Thanksgiving yet. We were sure that we would be going back to Connecticut, like we do every single year. It was the only time I could visit my grandma back home. I truly missed her and her home cooked meals.

This particular day however wasn't any different. I was so full of it. Pierce and I were now yelling at each other in his office. He wanted me to stay when I specifically told him that I would be gone for the holidays. I needed to get home for Thanksgiving to see my family. His top priority was for me to clean his apartment. Was he kidding me?

"You're being ridiculous! Why can't you hire someone to do the job?" I raised my voice.

"You said you were going home with Hugh." His nose was flaring from anger. The mention of Hugh's name would set him off every time.

"What does Hugh even have to do with this?" It was getting frustrating. I couldn't understand him. I actually hoped that we were getting along just fine after that day at the cemetery. The air had started to change when he went to my apartment during my birthday and met Hugh.

Sudden realization hit me.

"A-are you jealous?" I stuttered a bit on my question. I knew it was a bold thing to ask but I really couldn't pin point where his anger was coming from.

"Don't be so sure of yourself, Olive." He responded smugly.

Maybe it was time to scare him a bit. "Oh yeah? Then why are you reacting this way? You've been keeping me away from him. You wanted me to be around you all the time so that you could keep me busy with your absurd demands." I walked up to him slowly, a playful smirk on my lips. I knew I was assuming things but I thought about what Hugh had told me. Maybe, just maybe he would tell me something I wanted to hear.

He was silent, unsure of what to say. I think what I said had affected him. I stood a few inches away from him and I could feel the heat radiating off him. When he didn't answer, I continued, "I'm going home on Thursday since you've already approved my leave. Your apartment can wait, Pierce. I'm not your maid. I suggest you hire one." I turned around as I walked off in confidence. A strong hand had grabbed my wrist and I gasped in surprise when he swiftly turned me around. I was about to lash out on him when he had shut me up completely as he planted his lips onto mine.

Oh god, he was kissing me again.

The kiss was urgent yet his lips were still soft against mine. My eyes started to close and just drank him in. Then, my heart started to pound as his touch made me shiver with anticipation. I was aware this time. How the kiss felt too real to even comprehend that it was Pierce Alexander who was claiming my lips.

I didn't know what to with my hands. I was too stiff since I was caught by surprise. Pierce snaked his arm around my waist as he pulled me close, his other hand caressing my face. I got lost for a moment but then the logical part of my brain had started to snap out of it when I felt his tongue slowly gliding across my lips. He wanted to deepen the kiss and it scared me all of a sudden.

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