Chapter 12 | Daxten

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The plane takes off and I don't even feel it. I look around my suite, which is big enough to count as a bedroom, and take off my seatbelt. It's nice to know the seat doubles as a bed – that is something I will take advantage of later. 

      There's a door to my right. I open it and see a bathroom inside – my own en-suite. There's a shower, sink, toilet, tightly compact in a tiny little room. This entire bubble I'm living in right now has everything I need. Or supposed to need. I can't get him out of my head. It feels like we have unfinished business and I can't rest until he returns to my line of vision. His face is starting to fade. It's been too long.

      I sit back down on my seat. Whenever something feels like it's suffocating me, I bite my knuckles. Hard, until I feel bone. Moments before I came out, I looked just like this. I wondered if the emotional pain I was inflicting on myself by keeping my sexuality secret was worse than the physical pain of my teeth. Is sitting here, depriving myself from his company, worse than physical pain?

      Yes. Yes, it is.

      The seatbelt sign turns off. I have already removed mine anyway, so I stand up. I head for the door and open it. I'm instantly greeted with the smell of bleach and I hesitate for a moment. I look down the aisle to see all suite doors are closed and not a flight attendant in sight.

      Don't ask me what I'm doing – I'll figure that out later. All I know is my feet are taking me to the back of the plane.

      At least, that's what I want my feet to do. They stop as soon as I reach the curtain separating first class and economy. The male flight attendant stands in my way.

      'Is there anything I can help you with?'

      'Yes,' I say confidently, 'I would like to see someone.'


      'Ehm, my sister.'


      'Yes! Leah.'

      'I'm sorry but she'll be working right now.' His responses make him sound like some phone app that answers your questions; he has the monotone robotic voice down perfectly.

      'Well I only need her for a minute, so if you just let me through...'

      'I'm sorry but no-one from first class can go into economy, and vice versa. We have to keep our passengers separate.'

      'I won't be in long...'

      'Please, sir, return to your suite.'

      Before I can speak, he interjects. 'If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to use the computer system in your suite. Anything you need is one finger-click away.'

      I'm unable to fight him. His stance prevents me entry to the galley. He's the villainous dragon preventing me from entering a fortress and I despise him. I know he's only doing his job, but I just need to talk to Brando.

      Wait. I have an idea.

      'The computer system – can you talk to other passengers through it?'

      The flight attendant takes a second to respond. He wasn't expecting further conversation so he's probably readjusting his settings in order to reply.

      'Yes, you can.'


      'All you have to do is open the in-flight messenger and enter their seat number. A message will be sent to them and they have the option to respond.'

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