Wattpad Facts

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Here's some wattpad facts for you!

•How many wattpad users
   -65 million users (updated last 1/17/18)

•Number of minute per month that users spend on wattpad (total)
   -15 billion minutes (updated last 10/18/17)

•Average amount of time each users spends on wattpad monthly
  -274minutes (updated last 9/18/14)

•Number of wattpad uploads to date
  -400 million story uploads (updated last 10/18/17)

•Number of stories uploaded to wattpad daily
   -64,000 stories (updated last 01/06/14)

•Percentage of wattppad users that have written a story on their phones
   -53% (updated last 01/06/14)

•Percentage of time spent on wattpad that is from a mobile device
   -90% (updated last 10/18/17)

•Average amount of time spent per wattpad session
   -30 minutes (updated last 03/08/16)

•Total number of stories uploaded to wattpad all time
   -32.2million stories (updated last 01/06/14)

•Number od employees
   -96 employees (updated last 11/23/14)

•Numner of languages
   -50 languages (updated last 10/18/17)

•Amount of time users spent on wattpad in 2013
   -41 billion minutes (year 2013)

•Number of votes cast on wattpad in 2013
   -161 million votes (year 2013)

[Source: Google👌]

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