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Mary's POV
After I calmed Ethan down we went to the room and lied down on the bed . I was wearing one of his shirts to cover up  .

I got up the bed and saw he had a speaker I grabbed it and my phone while he used his phone I snuck out . I got to the kitchen and turned it on . I put on "don't wanna fall in love" by Kyle . I  turned up the volume all the way and ran to the room I bust through the door and scared the living hell out of Ethan . I started dancing. I went off and began lip syncing. I went to get Grayson out of his room . I pulled him into the living room and began dancing with him .

"You make the knife feel good !" Grayson and I blurted out

Ethan came in between us and took me away form Grayson.

"You make the knife feel good ." He mouthed to me as the song played .

He started to spin me and dance with me . All three of us were smiling and happy .

The song stopped then played "focus on you"by Kyle .

We swayed to the beat .  Ethan grabbed my waist from behind and danced slowly. Grayson went to his room and left me and Ethan . We moved slowly.

"You are the only girl that when I look into your face It's like a trip to outer space The way you take my breath away." He sang to me .

I blushed a lot when he sang to me . He leaned in and kissed my cheek .  I freaking lost it , he was being so cute  .

"I love you princess." He said and flashed me a big smile .

"Hey, wait, hold on, wait ,Okay, let me fucking say what I have to fucking say.See I think that you're great, and a gift given from God .Now I believe that God is love and my love is what you are .And you know that it's true, and as pretty as you are." He said to me which made me look down as I turned 200x more pink than I was already.

He lifted my head up to look at him. He stared into my eyes and smiled wide

"I would like to give my entire life to you." He said staring deep into my eyes .

This is definitely our song .

He pulled me close to him . Now my body was pressed up against his as we danced slowly making me feel secure in his arms .

I felt this feeling of calmness slowly flowing through my body as we were so close to each other.

I could hear his heart beat which made me calm down and his steady breathing made me think of how precious his life is to me .

He pulled back looked me in the eyes and said .

"I love you so much but I think if we stayed friends I wouldn't hurt you. And I just can't loose you . I've been thinking about this all day and it's for the best ." He said looking at me causing me to feel a bit of hurt inside of me .

"In order for us not to hurt each other we can't kiss , sleep together , no sweet talk or nick names ,and no dates I just don't want to fail you and carry guilt because I wasn't good enough . We can go out with other people and kiss other people if we want but we can't get mad because we're not together. We're going to be the ordinary best friends I just want to have you next to me ."he said .

"Ok." I said but it came out as a whisper.

I left him in the living room alone . I went into my old room and looked at the view from the balcony. We're not together we're just best friends.

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