The New Girl

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You sat in your room, thinking about what was to happen once you went you school tomorrow. Your head started to hurt so you decided to just go to sleep and hope you didn't embarrass yourself tomorrow.

The next morning you ran to school as fast as you could. you ended up waking up late and rushing to he everything for school. By the time you finally got there, you were already 5 minutes late...on the first day. Ughhhh you thought, of all the days I could be late, I had to do it today... Running down the hallway, trying to find your class, you took a sharp turn and ran straight into a boy. "Oh my god I'm so sorry!" You said as you picked up your things, blushing like crazy as you embarrassed yourself. You tried not to make eye contact, but he grabbed your arms and made you look at him. " Hey, are you okay?" He asked, looking worried. "O-oh yeah, I-I'm fine." you stuttered as you looked at his incredibly cute face, blushing even harder when you remembered his hands were still holding you. "My name's Jimin. Are you new here? I don't remember seeing you here." he said, still holding you. "oh yeah, this is my first day... I'm ___" " Oh! Okay I'll show you around then!" he said, with a bright smile on his face, his eyes turning into crescents, making you look away and blush. he seemed to notice, as he started smirking, and started to lean in closer, whispering "Maybe I can show you to your class, and later around the school? Just like a tour..." your eyes going wide at the sudden closeness, you nodded yes after a while of thinking. why not? You needed to know were your class was anyway. "Oh o-okay, that sounds good." He smiled as he took your schedule and then your hand, leading you to your class. As you thanked him, he said "Make sure you come sit with me and my friends at lunch too! Don't forget about me!" he said, making you chuckle. You went into class, thinking about the cute, cheeky boy that helped you to class. Now only a few more hours until I'll get to see him at lunch, sighing to yourself.

Finally I get to go to lunch!! you thought putting your stuff in your locker, thinking about Jimin. But you were worried about what his friends would think about a new person at their table. You found the cafeteria, and you looked around, not seeing him. as you were thinking about just sitting somewhere else, someone covered your eyes, making you jump. "GUESS WHO?!?!" he shouted, making you laugh and guess "Jimin??" he suddenly screamed "YESSS", turning you around smiling and saying "come meet my friends! They'll love you!" As he dragged you behind him. he ranto a table with 6 other guys. He introduced them all as Jin, Jungkook, V, Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope. As soon as they saw him introducing them, they immediately smirked, looking at both of you but saying nothing. He say you down next to him and as all of you talked to eachother, you really liked all of his friends. They were all nice, and were all really funny too. As you ate and talked, you began to feel more comfortable around them, joking around and laughing. "hey I'm gonna go get some things from the line" Jimin stated, getting up and leaving. While he left, the boys all smirked at you. "He seems to like you a lot..." they joked and laughed as you looked down, blushing. After that, Jimin came back, smiling and joking again with the group. You joked around too, but couldn't help thinking about if he really did like you. Maybe? but you doubted it.

After lunch, you went to another class, and then to gym. You ended up just walking around while everyone played sports.
"HEY WATCH OUT!" you heard before you felt a pain in your head. You fell down as someone came to check on you, you realized it was Jimin in his basketball uniform, kneeling down worried as you held your head. "Hey oh my god I'm so sorry are you okay?" he asked as he picked you up and looked at you. You immediately saw his defined arm muscles, his skin sweaty from playing. " Oh y-yeah I'm okay... I guess this is payback from this morning anyway" he laughed and smiled, glad you were okay enough to joke around. He ended up leaving his friends to walk with you, joking around and teasing you about getting hit. "Hey, that's not nice" you said, pouting as he tried to imitate you getting hit and laughing. As he saw you pout, he seemed to blush and look away, and you started laughing and said " aww is little Jimin blushing?" he started laughing and said "hey I don't do that when you blush!" poking your stomach, making you jump. "Oooh you're ticklish??" You looked at him with wide eyes " oh no you don't" you cautiously took steps away from him. "Make me" he said before jumping on you picking you up and putting you over his shoulder, taking you to his friends to help him hold you down while he poked your stomach. Laughing and kicking, you eventually got away and pounced on him, straddling him as you tickled him too, as he laughed and tried tickling you back, only making you pin his hands down and look at him. As you looked at eachother you heard his friends all wolf whistle. You rolled your eyes and looked at them, making them put their hands up in surrender. You finally got up and say down next to jimin, still laying on the floor heaving. " I'm glad this is our last class of school. I'm pooped" you stated as he giggled and agreed.

Walking home you found yourself smiling and thinking about him the whole way home.

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