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Do you wonder why we are in this world? Do you question God? The society we live in?

These questions really stock in my head....over and over again............specially when I'm alone and contemplating about life itself and our existance.

Ohhhh well.......I think I just have to stop for now, you know.....questioning the Universe.

By the way I'm Althea Castro Guevarra, a 21 years old woman with too many responsibilities in life....... thats what I think thou.

Im always in this roof top, thinking of my past, my present and future, I dont know why I do this all the time but........I always do.

Back to introducing myself.....first and for most I'm a lesbian a......lipstick lesbian, a very proud one of course, my family accepted me for who I am.....and for that, I am so grateful to them.

I have a brother......his, name is Anton Guevarra, his 30 years old and happily married. He had a one niece whom I love so much, my sweet little angel Veronica. Veronica Chantel Guevarra is 3 years old.

My brother is the one helping my dad in our businesses right now.

About my parents......well my parents are well-known power couple, not just here in the Philippines also abroad. Mr. Felix Guevarra and Andrea Guevarra.

They understand, support and accepted the choices I made in my life, that's why I love my family so much.

But nobody knows I'm a Guevarra, and I want to stay it that way, It doesn't mean I hate my family name.........its just that, I don't want people to expect something from me.

I want to stand on my own and build my own name. I want people to recognize me of who really I am and what I'm capable of........not because of the family name Im attached with.

I'm an architect, an entrepreneur, a doctor, a pilot a lawyer and an artist. You may ask how does I achieve this professions?

Will.........lets just say I'm quite smart......I don'twant to brag, but sometimes people who know's me are trying to categorize the capability I's very difficult to avoid such conception, but I have to handle it with grace.

I have an IQ of 350......if that is possible, and also I'm fascinated of things that people do or can't do, so pushing myself to the limits is what I crave for.

Did I mention, I model sometimes.........hahahaha, yah that's me, all of me.

With my favorite coffee in my right hand and my favorite book in my left hand, sitting here feeling the breeze of fresh air is heaven to me.

"Ms. Althea Im sorry for interrupting you again but the meeting is going to start at 5 minutes." Joanne my secretary interrupted me from my reverie.

By the way I'm working at the Tanchinco Group of Compannies, I know what you think, why not work in our own company?

As I have told before I want to be known as Althea Galura not Althea Guevarra and also I'm using my mom's mom maiden name, my grandmother........just to be safe.

"Its okay Joanne, Im sorry that you have to come up here, I know youre afraid of heights and thank you................lets go?"


As they heading to the conference room, the staff, personnel and the people they pass are mesmerize by the beauty of Althea.

She just smile and nod to them, lets just say shes a goddess personified.

They couldn't take their eyes off her....she's been working at TGC for six months but still, the people surround her still captivated by her beauty........not to mention shes beautiful inside and out.

As Althea open the door to the Conference Room, the room became quite.

The room that was chaos before....... now became solemn. 'The Goddess is here' they thought.

"Hi, everyone, are everybody here?" Althea on her professional tone.

"Not yet Ms. Galura, still waiting for Ms. Tanchinco". One of the board member answer her.

This is the first time Althea and the heiress of the TGC will probably meet.

It's supposed to be Althea's day off today, but since Mr. Tanchinco is out of the country......the tycoon ask her a favor to attend this meeting. Concerning about the multi-billion project they have in Japan, which encounter a big problem.

The Architect, whos handling the project, was not committing on his responsibilities and these cause delayed.

And Althea is known to be meticulous in all of her work, sharp and keen......a woman with her word put the responsibility to her by Mr. Tanchinco.

He knows she would solve this big circumstances they encountering right now.

Althea want's to decline the mighty Tanchinco but since he was begging her and she hates when the man do that to her.

Mr. Tanchinco never beg, he never show his true emotions to anyone, even to Althea......until now.

This situation is taking a big toll on his health, it will make the entire Tanchinco legacy drag to pit if this will not be resolve as soon as possible and they are out of time.

The Japanese are nearing to pull out them on this project, they were already given an ultimatum and if they will not finished this project on dated turn over, which is three months from now, they will be in great sue.

MR. Tanchinco was the first person who accepted her and giving her the big break of her life and Althea will always be grateful to the man whom she consider as the second father to her.

Her thoughts was interrupted when she heard a womans authorative voice. Althea is seating at the far side of the conference table, shes just here to observe and listen.

"Morning ladies and gentlemen I couldn't say today is a good morning, so hows the situation in Japan!? How come it just came to us right now!? Does anyone monitoring the projects there!?" Jade, the Tanchinco heiress....the one and only daughter of Mr. Oscar Tanchinco and Mrs. Clara Tanchinco booming with anger, as soon as she step inside the room.

"Mr. Lim, your supposed to be our look out there and report the daily progress on the project, as I have learned it was doing smoothly, how come it came to this point!?." -Jade.

"Ms. Tanchinco, Architect Dominguez who was handling the project there came to a gambling problem, and his design of the interiors was dis approved by the Japanese client, they said it's inconvenient, un ethical, very expensive and the worst part was the design is so an original". Mr. Lim a tall dark man in his late 50s, reasoned and bowing his head.

"And you just report this yesterday!?. Jade with greeted teeth, her hand is in a fist, slamming the table. "My father trusted you, all of you"!!!, pointing to Mr. Lim then to the people in the conference room, but when she is about to talk again, her eyes caught a beauty that she never thought existed

Jade encounter numerous.....different beautiful women and handsome men but no body, no one can compare to this beauty in front of her, no one caught her attention in just a second like now.

You could say that Jade is a beauty to die for, every man and women worship her existence, her beauty can launch a thousand ship as they compare her wholeness to Helen of Troy.

To be continued.................

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