The Other Side

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Chi chi chi ... Ah ah ah...

Chi chi chi ... Ah ah ah... 

A voice crept through the debris of the old space station that used to orbit Earth. The voice spoke in broken ice and twisting metal.

Jason... It's mother... Time to wake up Jason...

Jason opened his eyes. From his resting place among the wreckage, he saw a blinding light appear before him. It burned his mind, but he could not look away.

He had been frozen solid for over a century. Now he was awake. The heat of the portal began to thaw his frozen flesh. The ice covering his body splintered as he began to stir. The nanobots that had been fused with his demonic body began to scavenge the nearby debris and repair is metal exoskeletal armor.

In the distance, he saw Iron Man making his way through the debris field.

What is that... It moves... If it can move, it can die... Jason thought.

No! Shouted his mother's voice. You must not let the Red Knight see you Jason. He is powerful and you aren't strong enough yet to defeat him. But look! He guards the door to Crystal Lake! Look there! In the distance. Plenty of young campers to feast your revenge on! Sneak past him Jason! He does not know you are here.

"Iron Man, to ISS, Bruce, is anyone getting this?"

Static came over the radio. Then, Dr. Bruce Banner's voice.

"Yeah, Tony," he said, "I got audio only, no video. The ISS can't pick you up at all. Anything past the void is off their sensors. Eyeballs only. Now will you get the hell out of the swimming pool before it gets dark?"

"Can't do that, mom," said Iron Man, "Got to grab something. Can't help it."

Iron Man used his thrusters to move closer to the debris field. He landed on piece of what was probably once a giant spaceship.

"JARVIS, scan for any technology."

"It's a giant debris field of monolithic space garbage, should I be looking for anything in particular, sir?"

"I don't know..." Iron Man said. "Like a hard drive, or a data crystal?"

"I'll see what I can find, Sir."

"Thank you, JARVIS."

Iron Man inspected the debris. He found some writing on a panel. It read, CRYSTAL LAKE RESEARCH GROUP.

"Bruce! Can you hear me?"

"Yeah, Tony," said Dr. Banner, "I hear you. But barely."

"There's writing here and it's in English!"

"That's great, Tony. It's a parallel Earth. That's to be expected, but seriously, this field is not going to hold."

Suddenly there was a loud clank on the other side of the structure.

"What was that?"

"What was what?" Dr. Banner asked.

"JARVIS, what was that sound?"

"A giant unstable debris field, I believe, sir." JARVIS said.

"Right... Okay," said Iron Man who reached down and tore a green circuit board out of the side of the structure. "This will have to do. Time to go home."

"I wholeheartedly agree, sir." JARVIS said.

Iron Man was flying at top speed for the portal, be he was too late. Suddenly, and without fanfare, the portal closed. All that remained was the debris field.

"Bruce..." Iron Man said, "Come in Bruce..."

"I'm sorry, Sir," said JARVIS, "but we appear to have lost contact with Stark Tower."

"Well..." Iron Man said. "That sucks..."

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