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(One week later)

"I legit need so much more vlog footage," David whines. I laugh to myself, but Alex ignores him. "Guys can you do something for the vlog?" He pleads.

I shrug, not really caring. "Whatever," Alex groans, pausing his video game. We are in David's new house, which is super nice. David runs into the kitchen for a while, then after a while, he comes running in with little pieces of paper and red solo cups.

Josh laughs, "Yeah, no," he jokes as David sets up the cups. He always does this, doesn't tell us until the camera is on. 

David grabs his camera and turns it on. He explains the game. I apparently have to pick a random cup, and it will have something good, but i'll have to do something bad to get the good thing. I sigh as I sit in front of the cups, praying its something decent.

I pick the one thats most to the left, and I unfold the piece of paper.

"Oh hell yeah," I say. "Which one is it?" David asks, reaching for the paper. I quickly stand and run over to Alex, I grab his face and kiss him quickly. David screams and so does Josh. I turn back to David, "You owe me $100 dollars bitch," I cheer.

Josh laughs hysterically along with David. "What the fuck do I get?" Alex asks, joking for the camera. David points the camera towards me, "You can get another kiss for $200," David smiles.

I shrug and lean over, right before I kiss him again David stops us. "No,no,no, make out, not just a quick peck," his evil smile peers from over the camera. "How long?" I ask, I won't go more than five seconds for two hundred. "10 seconds," he laughs. 

"No way, make that 3," I argue. David shakes his head, "eight."

I roll my eyes, and grab Alex's face. I clench my eyes tight as everyone counts to eight. The moment they reach it I push away and blow a raspberry with my tongue. "Don't act like you've never done it!" David teases. 

"What the hell does that mean?" I shove him playfully. I look back to Alex, who is laughing gently. I shake it off.

Its just a skit for the vlog.

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