Mason’s POV

A week has gone by since the day that I admitted to myself my feelings for Blondie. After that day, everything seemed clearer. I am a rational being once again. Not someone being driven and controlled by my own emotions. I can sleep peacefully at night and not be bombarded by unspoken feelings. Also, finally, my subconscious has shut up. I no longer have this little voice in my head contradicting what I’m saying. We are finally at peace. God! I sound like a crazy person.

Tyler’s the only one who knows about what I did that day. He knows that I have fully accepted and welcomed the emotions I’ve been feeling for Blondie. That asshole teased me for a whole day. Talk about being mature.

I still feel jealous whenever I see James around Blondie. The more I welcome jealousy, the more my hatred for James grew. I’m trying so hard to not be jealous, truly I am. But I just can’t. Apparently, jealousy and this feeling is a package, you can’t feel the other, without the other one. Do you get me?

I felt victorious when I got Blondie’s full attention today at lunch. We talked about what we would do for our project. We made plans to ‘hang-out’ or as I would like to call it, ‘date’. Up to this point, Blondie has still no idea about my feelings for her. I wanted to keep it that way. I’ve been told that if you just admit your feelings towards the other person without them feeling the same way, things will get awkward. I can’t have that right now. No worries, the right time for that will come.

Each day that passes by that I spend with Blondie, are days the makes me fall for her even more. Every day, I discover new things about her. Even the littlest things matter. I’ve been very observant towards her, I secretly stare at her when she’s not looking and just study the features of her face; etching it in my memory just to relieve it at night before I sleep,  her gestures. The way she speaks, laugh. Just about everything.

Since Blondie doesn’t have a car, I, being the gentleman that I am, offered to drive her home every day. It would’ve made me happier if I can pick her up in the morning for school but I didn’t want to push it. I would just wait for that time to arrive. Hopefully.

I’m glad James is not at school these past few days due to a project he's working on. They need to travel for the photo shoot. He asked us if we wanted to come, now normally, I, would’ve agreed. But I declined his offer and made up an excuse about how I cannot miss school and my grades failing. But little did he know. *Cue evil laugh.*


Chloe’s POV

Mason has been acting weird this week, after that day we spent at the amusement park. Something about him changed. I can’t quite put my finger on it. He’s acting like a gentleman.  The teasing has toned down, of course there’s the occasional bantering between us but it’s not like before. Something’s changed and not just about him. Something’s changed in me too.

Remember those stupid thoughts that started when I first went out on a date with James? It’s back again. They’ve been completely freed from the box I placed them in and shoved at the very end of my brain. This new Mason isn’t helping. It’s making things worse. I need him to be his usual self again and not this other him.

Another thing that’s been bugging me is Maggie. Who is this mystery girl? Do his friends know about her? I wonder if Andy knows her. I wanted to ask her but it would only raise questions. Questions that I’m not quite ready to answer yet. Honestly, those questions have been wandering in my brain for the past few days and I haven’t found an answer to a single one yet.

I’ve never been faced with these kinds of thoughts before back in London. Everything back there is black and white. Here, it’s a freaking rainbow! He’s been sending me mixed signals and it’s exhausting my brain from figuring it out. One day he’s acting like a complete gentleman and the next he’s like a bloody 12 year old. Also, lately, I’ve always caught him staring at me. It’s freaking me out. I think he’s turning into a psychopath or something. It’s making me self-conscious, and I hate being self-conscious. I’ve always been confident in my own skin, but under his gaze. It’s different. I feel like his playing mind tricks on me. My brain is a freaking mess right now.


Mason’s POV

Since its Friday today, Blondie and I decided to finally make the scrap book; we would create it and design it ourselves. I’ve never really enjoyed shopping that is school related but I decided to give it a try. Besides, it’s my scrap book too. My grade is on the line here people.

“Which one do you like best? Red or Purple?” Blondie asked as she shows me the ribbons.


“Really?” she looks disappointed.

“The purple looks good too.” She smiled and hands it to me. We continued shopping for the other things we need until we’ve finally obtained everything we needed.

We drove back to her house and spent the rest of the day there. Designing, creating, printing and bantering as we worked. I’m proud of myself that her parents trust me with her.

Her room is a mess right now, pieces of papers scattered around the floor. Cut outs and other designing stuff mixed with it. You would find me and Blondie, sprawled at the center of this mess.

“What do you think about this one?” I asked as I showed a picture of us that we took at the amusement park, we’re in the part of compiling the pictures and writing captions on it. This is only half of our work, we still got a month and a half left of experiences. I can’t say that I’m not excited because I am. I’m actually looking forward to it.

“That’s cool.” She replied. She resumed cutting the piece of colored paper in her hands, shaping it into something I can’t distinguish. I shrugged it off and continued on my own task.

We’re both busy at the moment, the only sound you’ll hear is the voice of Chris Martin singing. That’s also one thing we have in common, we’ve got the same taste in music. I love how we can just sit here and work in silence. It’s not an awkward silence, it’s a comfortable silence.

“I call it magic, I call it truth.”

Here it goes again! The universe really enjoys allotting theme music at a certain time in my life.

I listened intently as I hear Blondie sing. She’s not really a good singer, I’ll tell you that, is it weird that I still find it attractive? My new version is weird.


We decided to order pizza for dinner; her parents are still at work. It’s only me, her and Alex. Blondie’s in the kitchen making juice when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” I yelled. I stood up from the couch.

As soon as I opened the door my brows furrowed in a confused way because instead of a guy in a uniform with a pizza in hand, a guy, probably my age is standing there in front, bags in hand and a wide smile plastered across his face. That smile dropped as soon as he saw me.

“You’re not the pizza guy.” I said.

“And you’re not Chloe.” He said in a thick British accent. My brain quickly processed what’s happening. This guy, standing in front of me, may or may not be Blondie’s ex.

“God I’m starving where’s th- Edward?” I heard Blondie say from behind me; disbelief evident in her tone as she said his name. The smile that was plastered across his face two seconds ago came back and it’s even wider as soon as his eyes landed on the person behind me. I wanted to desperately shut the door in his face and wipe that stupid smile.

 “Hey, Happy Birthday!” he greeted.

AN: if you're wondering, the song's title is Magic-Coldplay

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