Chloe’s POV

Mason asked me to meet him here at the parking lot after class; he said he wanted to talk to me about something. I wonder what that something is. I don’t remember doing something violent to him; in fact I haven’t done anything violent to him these past few days.

“Yo Blondie!” he waved.


“Guess where we’re going?” he looks like a kid eager to open his Christmas present.


“Come on! I said guess.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Mall?”

“Nope! Try again.”

“I don’t have time for this; you said you needed to talk to me about something.”

“And I am, as soon as we get to that place. Get in the car.”

We’re driving down an unfamiliar road. I’ve never been to this road before. A part of me’s afraid that we’re lost or something but another part; the stronger one, is telling me to trust him and have fun. I decided to give in to the second one, the stronger part. I’d rather trust him and have fun than stress myself thinking that we’re lost.

“We’re here!” he beamed.

“Amusement park?” my face lit up as I took in my surroundings. “I love amusement parks! The last time I went to one was in the eighth grade.”

He smiled at me.

 We fervently jumped out of his car and went to the entrance. He bought us balloons that were designed to be a hat.

“Smile!” he said as he took a picture me. I didn’t realize he had already gotten his phone out. He laughed while staring at his screen. He showed me the picture and I laughed with him. I had my eyes wide open and my mouth slightly gaping due to the surprise. My hair’s ruffled because of the balloon and the wind.

“Since when do you take pictures of me?” I asked.

“Scrap book.” I gave him puzzled. “It’s for our Health project.” Oh, now I get it. How could’ve I forgotten about that. “Let’s take a selfie.” He consigned his face next to mine. We made faces in front of the camera. I stuck my tongue out and he made a surprised face.

He challenged me to play at a booth, the one where you would pop a balloon using darts and if you’ve popped the required quantity of balloons, you get a prize. I’m not one to back down from a challenge so I accepted it. Little did he know that one of my favorite past times is playing darts. This is one of the activities I do with my dad.

“Ha!” I exclaimed as I popped the last balloon. We were tied and this last balloon was the tie breaker.  

“You cheated!” he argued.

“Loser!” I teased.

“Come on! She cheated right?” he said to the man.

“Sorry kid, the lady won fair and square.” The man replied to him as he handed me a big teddy bear.

“Thank you.” I said. “Aaaaw… don’t be sad. I won you a bear.” I smiled. “Here, hold it and stand over there, I’m going to take a picture of you.” I pointed at the carousel. “Big smile!” He didn’t smile though, He rolled his eyes just as I clicked the camera so in the picture he looks like a kid having a tantrum, his eyes is looking upward left, his brows furrowed and the bear dangling at his right hand. “Come on! Pose!” I said. He hugged the bear and smiled a very wide smile, so wide that his eyes simply looked like a line.

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