Raph x reader x Leo

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A/n this is were raph, leo,and reader (you) ask each other out.


Raph's P.O.V

i was finally going to do it, i was gonna ask Leo and Y/N out. i don't know what else to do cause i love them both. if this doesn't work then im gonna die i swear.

Leo's P.O.V

i was going to do it today, i wrote a poem got some knifes and have a plane now all i got to do is ask Y/n and Raph out. if they reject then i'm gonna cry.

Y/N's P.O.V

i was gonna do it, but now i'm to nervis 'come on Y/N pull your self together and get off your whiny ass and ask the!' i thought as i marched down to the lair with out a care in the world.

No one's P.O.V (3 person?)

(y/n) walked into the lair and as soon as they did they were pulled into the Dojo "guys whats up!" they asked in surprise seeing the too turtles they were looking for "ok now that you're both here-" leo started but was cut off by raph shouting "i need to tell you to something!" "guys i have something to say." (y/n) cut in "you go first" Leo said "no you" Raph said "no, you go first." Y/n said "why don't we just say it at once?" Leo suggested "ok" Raph and y/n said in agreement "1...2....3 I really like you to will you go out with me?" they all said at the same time pushing what they had made or got for one another at each other with eyes shut tight "wait what?" they all said looking at each other "omg yes!!!" they all said at the same time. "what is the meaning of all this ruckus!!!" splinter said wial presher pointing the 3 "um... gtg by!" (Y/n) said running off with the boys in tow


this is not what i planed but i promised an update so here! hope you like it.

on  another note should i make a nick name for you guys besides Love's? so fare i have 3 of them but please feel free to suggest more. vote!

1: Turtle

2: mutants

3: Hunny Bunns!

by Love's ~

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