Chapter 11

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Few weeks passed and things were going well for Shravan and Suman .Nothing much has changed exept the fact that they were very much more affectionate towards each other , hugs kisses and cuddles were essential whenever they met. They would go to each other's house often and spend time together. They would take him to the park, mall , grocery shopping , museum, exhibitions and much more. They would always have a nice time and Aarav enjoyed going out with them, whenever Suman put on his coat he would start moving his arms and legs excitedly and gurgle all the way to the car.

One afternoon Shravan was taking Suman and Aarav out for a picnic with his family to the park.. Suman dressed up Aarav in his t-shirt and shorts with cute pair of running shoes.

"Sumo I put the stroller and picnic basket in the car"Shravan said walking in the nursery room ,she glanced at him , he was looking handsome in his casual clothes wearing a nice cap and shades .

" We're almost ready ,I was thinking of putting him that bleu cap ." Her eyes signalled on the table while applying sunscreen on her nephew's soft arms and legs.

"Don't worry I have the perfect hat for him ."Shravan reached in his back pocket excitedly taking out a matching hat to his but just smaller version. Suman couldn't stop adoring him as her nephew gurgled sweetly .Her heart would just melt seeing that Shravan treated her nephew like his own, he would always buy a smaller size of matching sport jerseys or hats . She felt so blessed and fortunate to have met Shravan .He seemed the perfect one to fit in with her , they did have disagreements and bickered sometimes but nothing serious. They always came to a resolving their issue within the hour .

"I knew you would like it!" Shravan winked at her nephew who blabbered in his baby language  as they made their way out

"Did I forget anything?" she said before stepping out door while he held the baby cart

"Diapers?Napkins? Extra clothes? Toys? Blanket? ..Milk bottle? Sun block?"

"I think we have everything."She confirmed checking off the list as he spoke

  "Oh! I know what we forgot" he said naughtily

"What?" she asked confusedly

He leaned down pecking her lips sweetly as her eyes widened surprised yet gleaming.

"Not in front of Aarav!"She scold cutely hitting his arm causing Shravan to laugh down the hallway

They spent the afternoon with his family in the outdoors, they all treated her and Aarav like their own .They all had a good time and Ariya enjoyed playing with her nephew and push the stroller with Shravan's supervision .Suman had a wonderful time,she blended in so well with them, they were genuinely down to earth and loving. Kamini was the only one who just seemed a little cold but apart from that they all played badminton, soccer and tag . Suman bought a bottle of bubbles and started blowing them making Aarav's eyes widened fascinated .He blink his eyes when the bubbles popped over his head, and Ariya was running all over the place popping them happily. Shravan couldn't stop adoring his girlfriend interaction with his niece, She was so gentle with the kids and her sweet laugh echoed through the park as her nephew giggled along, this was making his heart sear in love for her and he would sneakily kiss her cheeks causing them to turn rosy yet she enjoyed it.

Suman and Shravan were both taking care of Aarav and enjoyed the moments together. They always had an ease and comfort with each other and being in a relationship just bought them closer in a whole different way .They had a lot to learn from each other and never failed to appreciated one another . They would have sleepovers on Friday nights and he would just sleep on her couch and sometimes cuddle with Aarav who fell asleep on his chest.

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