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"Okay, you said you were lost?" Sebastian opens the gate, welcoming Emma in the property. As she desperately fixed her flying hair, he looked at her up and down, with respect, of course.

"I thought I was, I never drove around in such a fancy neighborhood." She sighs, finally looking up at him. Emma froze for a bit. She didn't expect him to look so nice. "Here we go..." She says, nervously.

"I'm so sorry about this. You could've said no," Sebastian speaks as he leads her to the entrance. "We're like family so when any of us meets someone new, we all want to be friends and all-"

"I understand. I'm excited, really." Emma grins. "Panicking inside, but excited."

"You're too cute," Sebastian gasps mentally as he realizes what just slipped through his lips. "Okay, let's go inside." Emma opted to pretend she didn't hear it. But she did. And she loved it.

"EMMA!" Robert approaches as soon as she comes in. "Oh, you're even prettier in person!"

"Aw, don't make me blush," she responds, trying to hide her embarrassment. "Your house is..."

"Huge?" Rob completes and she nods positively.

"And lovely-" Emma adds before Sebastian is dragged away from her side and all she sees is Scarlett.

"You are so beautiful!" Scarlett gives her the warmest hug. "Seb, I mad you didn't do this sooner!"

"Oh, we haven't spent that much time together-" Emma's speech is cut off.

"That has to change," Scar whispers in the brunette's ear. "Plus, we need more girls in this group."

"Oh, she could audition for Marvel!" Mark suggests in the distance.

"Oh, I wish. Acting is not my thing..." Emma feels more at ease and is now capable to start and keep a conversation.

"Dinner is ready!" Elizabeth's voice comes in loudly from the kitchen.

"That's my slave," Rob winks at Emma before leading them all to the dining room. "Come meet everybody!"

When Rob said everybody, he did mean it. Her eyes scanned the table and she saw the entire Avengers cast. She couldn't believe it. Out of nowhere, she finds herself holding Sebastian's hand real tight.

"The Hemsworth is driving you crazy, isn't he?" Sebastian mocks, glaring at their hands.

She looks down as well but doesn't let go. "Is it too late to run away?" Emma asks, sounding desperate.

"Yeah, it is-" Sebastian laughs while Evans comes up to them with two glasses in his hands.

"Hi, Emma!" He smiles, friendly. "I'm Chris."

"I'm Chris," Hemsworth appears from behind. 

"The best Chris-" they both state at the same time, making everyone laugh.

"Sorry that we're so annoying!" Evans giggles. "First things first - are you a wine girl or a beer girl?"

"Wine girl, for sure!" Emma replies, grinning as Mackie jumps from the table.

"EVANS, I WANT MY 50 BUCKS!" He screams.

"Welcome to the jungle," Sebastian says, rubbing his hands softly on hers, before cracking out laughing.


"Look at them," Emma points to Ruffalo who's shamelessly watching them from the living room window. "They are really nice..." She admits.

"Well, fame hasn't changed us, I guess."

"During this night, you being famous never crossed my mind," she laughs. "But then, I look at this house and remember that y'all are rich as hell."

Sebastian laughs, leaning over her car. "They loved you, you know?" His eyes switch from her to an excited cast all glued up against one window.

"I guess we have to meet again then." Emma puts both her hands on top of the wheel and smirks. 

"Why do you think you're wearing my jacket? I want it back." He jokes and she quickly slaps his arm off the door. "Seriously, take it. It's freezing cold." Sebastian insists for the third time. "And drive safe." He says as his body leans perfectly against her car.  

"Smooth," Emma giggles and after a lot of distant and mute goodbyes to the guys inside the house and a gentle cheek kiss from Sebastian, she drives home.

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