Chapter 2 ~ The Question

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~~~~With Loki and Heimdall~~~~~~~

They entered a room with a small dining table and sat down. Loki was looking a little flushed but tried as hard as he could to hide it. Loki studied Heimdall's face, but all he could pick up was that Heimdall seemed to be more tense than usual. They sat down in silence for a few minutes. Listening to the laughter of you and the Avengers. Finally Heimdall cleared his throat and spoke.

"You wished to speak to me, my prince?" Heimdall said those last words with respect but nothing more.

"Yes, actually. Um...." Loki was nervous.


"Well, I was wondering-I wanted to ask you if" Loki was slightly sweating now 'Just spit it out!' Loki thought "I was wondering...if...if you will marry me?" There was silence.

Heimdall smiled slightly and arched an eyebrow "My Prince...I am afraid I do not share this kind of affection for you."

Loki realized his mistake "NO! No, no, I didn't-not like- Argh! That is NOT what I ment!"

Heimdall laughed at Loki's frustration.

Loki took a deep breath and collected himself "What I ment was, you are like a father to (y/n) you basically raised her after her parents died."

"This is true..." Heimdall could see were this was going.

"I want to marry (y/n). And I know that it would mean a lot to us...if we could have your blessing."

"Have you asked her yet? She's said yes?" Heimdall asked still showing no sign of agreement.

"Well, no. No, not yet." Loki looked down at his intertwined hands "but I was planning on asking her tomorrow..." Loki looked Heimdall square in the eyes "That's why I would like your blessing. If she says yes then-"

"If" Heimdall emphasized.

"Yes...If she says yes she will feel more comfterable knowing I asked you for permission first. It's a very earthly thing to do, I know, but she seems to be very fond of there traditions so I thought-"

"What if (y/n) says no?" Heimdall interrupted "What if she's not ready for this step in your relationship?"

"Then..." Loki was at a loss for words. He knew it was a possibility that you would say no but he never gave it much thought. "Then I'll wait for her. I'll wait until she's ready."

"And what if I say no?" Heimdall said questioningly "What if, I decide not to give you my blessing? hmm?" Loki searched for some sort of sign that Heimdall was joking, but to no prevail.

"Look," Loki said confidently "I love (y/n) and I know you do too. I ask of your blessing for 1 reason and one reason only. It's because I KNOW it will please her to have your approval. But I also know that if she says yes, she will say yes because of her own accord. Will it sadden her to know you do not approve? Yes, but I know she will not hold back because someone doesn't agree. I care about what you think, I do, but you will not stop me from being with the one I love. Not you nor anyone in this whole universe." Loki was nearly out of breath from talking with such passion. He could feel anger starting to rise when Heimdall smiled.

"You've done well, my prince." Heimdall shook Loki's hand "You have my blessing. I just wanted to be sure you're feelings were true." Heimdall stood and walked towards the door to join the others when he spoke again. "Marriage is no game, Loki. I hope you know that." Loki simply smiled a smile of great fullness and relief.

"Take care of her Loki." and with that Heimdall left the room, leaving Loki by himself.

"I will." Loki said, a brilliant smile growing on his face as he imagined you, walking down the aisle in a beautiful white gown. Of course, he still had to ask you first, but Loki walked out of that room with renewed confidence and determination. He sat down next to you on the couch.

"Hey Loki, were have you been?" you kissed Loki on the cheek.

"Just catching up with Heimdall, love." He kissed your for-head. 'Tomorrow' he thought 'Definitely tomorrow.'~

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