Jayy Von Monroe

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I stared out the window and groaned inwardly. This was gonna be the long car ride of my entire. Fucking. Life.

We were on our way to a Blood On The Dance Floor concert. Jordyn was staring out the window with her ear phones in. and Then there was Brandon my *COUGH* wonderful *COUGH* boyfriend. He sat in between us.

And then comes my mom. She was driving. And yelling. Simultaneously. And lets just say that multitasking is NOT her thing.

When we pulled up to the venue, Jordyn ran out of the car and Brandon was right behind her. “MOM! I got it! We’ll be fine! Peace!” I screamed before yanking open the car door and jumping out.

I caught Jordyn’s hand and she groaned “What the fuckkkkkk!! That was torture!” I laughed “ I know right”. Brandon sulked for a moment before grabbing my other hand. When he did, Jordyn let go. She couldn’t stand him.

We made our way through the double doors, past the bouncers before Jordyn grabbed the back of my shirt and shoved me through the crowd. People hissed and cussed at us, but I hissed right back. She kept pushing me until we were standing RIGHT next to the stage.

The next thing I knew, out ran Jayy and Dahvie onto the stage. Dahvie was literally six feet away from me. From next to me Jordyn screamed “DAHVIE, I HAVE JAYY’S SEXIEST FAN RIGHT HERE!!” I blushed bright red. “Jordyn stop…”

Dahvie turned to her and ran over to the right side of the stage, where we were. He whispered into the microphone “Well its obvious you’re MY sexiest fan, so I’m guessing this little bitch is Jayy’s?” Jordyn smirked and nodded.

Jayy smirked at the crowd for a moment and then Dahvie ran back to the main part of the stage, to continue the song. Jayy made his way to us. He leapt off the stage and landed on a few people. He hopped up and ran over to us.

He stood about two inches from my face. He leaned in, his nose almost touching mine, and whispered “Hello, gorgeous.”

I could feel all the blood leave my body and make its way to my face. Usually, I’m not shy.

But trust me.

If Jayy VonFUCKING Monroe was TWO INCHES in front of your face whispering in that sexy as hell voice of him….. calling you gorgeous…. Yeah… you wouldn’t be talking much either.

He smirked at me and grabbed my hand. He looked over at Jordyn and waved for her to follow him.

He led us to the stairs that led backstage which obviously led to, ya know, the main stage. He pulled me backstage and sat me and Jordyn down right behind where him and Dahvie were performing.

With one last glance back, he winked at us and ran back on stage, apologizing for the brief break he had.

They finished the set before Dahvie came running back to where we were. “our fans. Are whores.” He sighed, out of breath, looking at Jordyn. She blushed violently.

Jayy ran back stage behind him as we heard girls scream from behind him, probably trying to climb on stage. “Hey, at least these two have clothes on” Jayy joked, grabbing a water bottle and gulping it down. Some dribbled down his mouth and neck.


I forced myself to look away. He threw the empty bottle across the room. Dahvie took a seat on a box and wiped the sweat off his forehead. “So, uh, I’m Dahvie.” Jordyn smiled when he said that.

He grinned at her stupidly “but I’m almost gonna let you call me David, you’re cute as fuck”. Jayy looked at me and snorted, breaking out into fierce laughter. “Dahv, come on, really? Get some new pick up lines brother.” Dahvie glared at him.

“Fuck off!” me and Jordyn giggled violently. They were play wrestling and the looks on their faces were priceless. “I thought I was yours anyway!!!” Jayy whimped pathetically.

Dahvie gasped in laughter. 

All the sudden, I heard footsteps. I turned toward the stage. Millions of whores ran towards us. 


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