A Room for My Pretend Love by MeiXia

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Story Author: @MeiSummer

Story Link:  https://www.wattpad.com/story/102660310-a-room-for-my-pretend-love-✅ 

Genre/Tags: Romance adultfic asian coo chicklit contemporary family funny hyungsik  relationship love love story rich romance roommates

Review: After years of abuse, Suki's father kills her mother and then himself. Her landlord is annoyed that his premises is a crime scene and evicts her. In shocked denial, Suki goes to a nightclub. When she's dancing, she's groped by a man and Devin comes to her rescue.

She asks Devin can she stay with him for one night - nothing sexual but she's nowhere else to go. He agrees but the next day, asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend as his mother is putting pressure on him to find one.

Drone developer Devin tells her he's too busy with work for a personal life.

Suki is broke after paying for her parents funeral. For free accommodation, she agrees for five months.

The story follows how they become closer and open up to each other. However behind it all we know that Suki considers love a bad thing. Her mother and father loved each other and it created years of misery.

A Room for My Pretend Partner takes place in China but for the most part this was just the background, with food and place names. Suki and Devin's fears and hopes are universal.

Devin's mother and his friend Clark provide some humorous moments.

This story takes a common romance set up (pretend relationship) and makes it realistic.

Reviewer: MaryFahey

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