A Little Background of the Book

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This is my seventh novel published. 

It is my eighteenth full-length novel written. 

It took me a long time to get published. Ten years--and ten novels, all of which were soundly rejected. All ten of those novels were fantasy. Across the Universe was my first published novel, and it was also the first science fiction I'd written. The sequels to that trilogy and the books that followed were sci fi as well, but my heart belonged to fantasy. During that time, I wrote another novel, one that I loved, one that was fantasy. And it, too, was rejected. 

Let that be a reminder--despite the fact that I was a NY Times bestselling author, my work didn't automatically progress to the next level. 

Other than sci fi, I had one novel that was contemporary--A World Without You, about a boy who thinks he has the ability to travel through time, but the school for superheroes he thinks he's attending is actually a mental institution. That book was very personal to me. It was loosely based on my relationship with my brother, who also had a mental illness, who, ultimately, died because of it. 

It put me in a strange headspace, thinking about death and grief and how those things change us, even thought that wasn't what that book was about. When I finished that novel, I couldn't quite let go of death. I started to toy with the idea of a girl who, like me, lost someone while she was young. Who, like me, didn't want to let go. 

Give the Dark my Love started to emerge from that. 

This is a book about Nedra, a girl who wants to study alchemy so she can help heal people. But it's also the story of Grey, the boy who falls in love with her. And when tragedy strikes--a tragedy so deep that no alchemy can help--Nedra changes. 

Death does that to a person. 

Give the Dark my Love will be available wherever books are sold on September 25, 2018. While I cannot publish the book here on Wattpad, stick around--I'm going to post background information, snippets, hidden easter eggs, and more here. And don't forget to check out my giveaway, which will have prizes for literally every single person who enters. There's a link in my instagram, username bethrevis, for more, or you can subscribe to my newsletter at http://bit.ly/bethnews

Thanks! Please let me know any questions you have about the novel here, and I'll post answers as chapters in this space! 

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