Chapter One

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"The Girl in Rain"

The mirror of your soul..
The pathway to your heart..
The echo of your dreams..
And trust me, I have a pair of colorful ones.'

She put her pen down smiling at her own words. Her wavy hair was playing with the mild breeze tickling her neck every now and then. Her gaze shifted towards a tiny clock hung on the wall. The very same eyes with long eyelashes reaching out to comfort her with a pat on her cheeks. She sighed and gently caressed that thin page of her notepad neatly clipped to a clipboard. She had that same infectious smile plastered on her face.

'Diya!Can you please come over?'

'Coming Mom.'

She rushed outside to see off her mother to her office.

Neha: I am leaving dear. Will you be at home or do you have any plans of going out?

Diya: No Mom. I will be at home.

Neha: Are you sure? I mean, today is the last day of your vacation. School will reopen tomorrow.

Diya: That is not a problem Mom. I love going to school and you know that. Its raining today and I would love to stay at home in this atmosphere.

Neha: You are going to get drenched in the backyard once I go out. I know that. Take care. I will try to return early.

Diya: Great. We will enjoy our tea together then.

Neha smiled before leaving her daughter to her loneliness. Neha sat in her department car and waved a bye to Diya who stood leaning to the entrance door. She wanted to spend the day with her daughter, but had to go to office owing to the unexpected work that invited her. Whenever she thought about Diya, a smile unknowingly crept over her face.

Her little chirpy Diya has grown up to a 17 year old pretty girl possessing all the
traits that she wanted to cultivate in her daughter. While Neha wanted her daughter to be enriched with as much of humanity and truthfulness as possible, Diya instead grew up with much more than what she had wished for. As a mother, she wanted her child to be kind and considerate, but failed to wish that no one takes advantage of her humanity. But, there were some lessons that she had to learn step by step. Neha was proud of what Diya has groomed herself to be. A confident, bold and generous girl who finds beauty in her surroundings. She finds her happiness when she manages to get a thumbs up from her Dad when she sings some lines, when she aces in poetry and when her friends clap for her. She smiles when she finds her friends by her side every time she falls down. She feels contended when she becomes the cause for a good change. She was a rare gem rewarded to Neha and Nithin by the almighty. Neha wished that Rehaan- her younger son also grew up with all the good qualities of Diya. Neha let out a sigh closing her eyes and laid back on the seat breathing in the morning freshness.

Diya as a child, always wanted her entire family consisting of her grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins around her. Unfortunately distance and work life snatched all these from her. Still, she grew up to a woman that everyone looks upto. Wherever she goes, she manages to transfer her smile to people around her.

As Diya planted her crystal clear eyes to the clouded sky, raindrops splashed onto her faces drenching her soul in the earthly vibes radiated. She stood by the back door extending her hands to the rain. She will be going back to her routine from tomorrow morning. Getting up early, completing the morning chores and rushing to the school. It was her last year at that place where she had spend the most beautiful twelve years of her life. It pained her that there would be no more school bus funs and pointless running races. Few more months and all these will turn into memories. Each time you open a memory box, you end up smiling, laughing and even crying wondering how much you have left behind. Some bits of those memory saga will be coupled with tags of regret when we tend to think that things would have been different if we had reacted in a better way.

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