Eyes On Her

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Apart 13-

Demi's POV:

I felt so unsafe going out on this your without Y/N here, I've had her around so much lately it's hard to be without her, I can't even go a day without seeing her never mind spends a few months apart. I hoped we would just keep in touch whilst I was away but we didn't because Y/N was "busy" with work.. When it came to going on your I didn't even get no texts off her saying hope you kill it. She just acted liked I wasn't nothing no more, so I showed up at her house, I told her to keep in touch and we'll FaceTime (cus I have wifi on the tour bus) and text call each other but nope nothing like that happened.. After But it's weird because we ent even dating as much as I would like too.. I know she now dating someone new because or the texts earlier to I texted her saying..

Me;" hi Y/N I'm sorry I've been blanking you. Just I'm having a deep ride atm, but would you like to meet up tonight?? And just always remember I'm still loving you, nothing as changed. I miss you.. 😔💕"

Y/N;" hey! Yes I know you don't have to explain I know it all. I would love to but I've got a dinner date tonight I'm sorry 😁"

Me;"ohh sorry. Hope she's treating you right, I'll let you go, goodbye"

I can't lie it hurt me knowing I had lost her, I wish I acted properly about it all although I have going through hell, I felt like slipping into old bad stuff. I held up because I knew I would get to see her at the end of all this and she would make me feel better. But now she found someone else in these last 4 months.. All I've done is stay in my room writing new music, tweeting my broke heart. My Lovatics always cheer me up I do have the best fan base ever.. I heard a knock at the door I shout for my side

Me- "Who is it?"

??- " hey dem-Dem it's mads please open your door, I want to see you"

Me- " okay baby girl"

Me and mads just cuddled and watching films for a hour or so before she told me to go get in the shower because she has plans, I didn't bother questioning because I couldn't care less I didn't wanna do nothing but I know she was trying to help me out and make me smile so I just got up went in the shower and got changed into some joggers and a big jumper she looked at me weird.

Mads-" Demi you need to dress a little better than that..." She said laughing evil.

Me-" umm why? I'm comfy like this, and it's only me and you"


Shit mads sounded so serious it was actually scary to be honest...

-Few hours later...

You was dressed to impress today, you had the most gorgeous dress on that fall just before your knees. It's was red with some weird pattern running down the right side and running into the middle.. Sounds ugly right? But it's so beautiful!! You got all you're hair curled and bumped up at the top, you have even dyed it to a light blue made your eyes stand out so bad. You even got your hair shaved again, eyes brows done, tanning up on your tan by hitting you're sunbed you have, your tan was looking amazing! You didn't wanna where heels because you're not the really girly type, so you went with flats instead. You but the lightest make-up on.. You didn't wanna look to different or that you was trying to hard incase Demi was not even to come get in your car.

Sorry I haven't updated in forever I have been super busy !

And I cba writing no more..

Might write later on I dunno depends, thanks for reading and voting.

Stay strong 💛

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