[5]- Can of Worms

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Suddenly, the thing trembled, and collapsed, falling apart onto the ground. I watched carefully, when Jay jumped out from behind him, and ran to me. "Are you okay?" He asked me worriedly.

I rubbed my cheek. "Ugh. I'm fine. My cheeks a little sore, but that's about it. It's not bruised is it?" I asked.

He watched me closely. "No, it looks fine." He said wearily.

I pulled my hand away and smiled. "Heh! Good." I joked.

We laughed, and I left to find Lloyd. After I found him, we had a brief argument about it, but it didn't last long. Finally, we had to go see our last victim. Zane. We walked out, and searched for him, and found him on the upper deck about to pull out his Gi. When he saw us, he stopped and smiled at us. "Hello, Lloyd. Hello, Y/n. What brings you two up here this fine morning?" He asked us.

"Kai wanted us to pick up his ninja suit." I said, smiling back.

"He said he threw it in with your whites." Lloyd added, as I reached in and grabbed it.

"Here it is." I said looking over towards Lloyd.

"Thanks." Lloyd called, as the two of us walked away snickering.

The two of us hid behind the fogged glass door, and listened carefully while snickering. "What're they saying?!" Lloyd whispered, unable to hear through the semi-soundproof door,

My awesome hearing made me be able to hear them all clearly. I snickered. "You'll see." I whispered.

I could see Sensei Wu walk in, and shake his head in disappointment. He opened the fogged glass door, to us snickering, and giggling. I walked out, with a mischievous look on my face. "Ah! You did this!?" They all shouted, seeing the hammer, soap, and spices behind us.

"Boys, I get first dibs on," Cole was cut off by Sensei.

"No dibs. I put them up to this for today's lesson. I wanted to show you the destructive power of rumors and that jumping to conclusions can only lead to trouble. Did you ever think to find out if the accusations were true?" Sensei questioned, as Lloyd looked at Cole with a taunting smirk.

"Uh, no offense, Sensei, but let me jump to this conclusion: Today's lesson is lame." Cole said.

"Yeah. Why can't you teach us to paralyze your enemy with one finger? Or find out if a man is lying by the twitch of his nose." Jay said flatly.

"Because not all lessons are about fighting. And I misplaced my lesson book." Sensei added, slightly embarrassed.

I snickered, and looked over at Lloyd, who was hiding the lessons book behind his back. He was terrible at hiding, it was sticking out painfully obviously. Kai walked past me, and grabbed it from Lloyd. "You mean this lesson book?" He asked, handing it to Sensei, who looked startled at Lloyd.

Lloyd began to rant that the ninja got in his way, so I frowned, and closed the door on him, hearing him shout. "Hey!"

The ninja snickered at my actions, and I heard someone talk on the PA. "If you're done fooling around, I could use you guys on the bridge. We do still have a snake problem to attend to. Over and out." Nya said.

"It's one thing to let the son of your nemesis and his girlfriend live with you," I flushed and kicked Kai in the shins when he said that.

He grunted and pushed me away, then continued. "but having my sister here? I mean, come on, I thought this was a ninja headquarters." I snickered.

"You know she can hear you, right?" I said to Kai.

He froze up. "Yeah, it's nice to know my brother cares. Over and out."

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