[5]- Can of Worms

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Y/n's P.O.V.

I sat next to Lloyd, snickering eagerly. He poked me, then we stood up and walked towards the gaming room. Lloyd was whistling casually. I was just walking, with my hands behind my head, making sure my hood didn't fall. I was beginning to grow out my jacket, and that upset me. We looked into the gaming room, to see a confident Kai, about to play his game, which we beat his high score on, like- five times. It's either he has low scores, or I'm just really good at the game. Probably both. We looked in while smirking. "Hey, Kai." Lloyd called in.

Kai looked over his shoulder at us. "Heh. We saw Cole beat your high score this morning." I called in, with a smile.

"You should've seen it. It was pretty spectacular." Lloyd added.

For some reason, that made me blush slightly. "Uh, you must be talking about 'Sitar Legend.' This is 'Fist to Face II.' No one beats me on my game." Kai said confidently.

"Think again." I muttered silently.

Lloyd smacked me softly. Not enough for Kai to notice, but enough for me to get the gist. Shutting up. "Huh, could be wrong. See you." Lloyd said, pulling me along.

After a few moments, we heard Kai suddenly shout furiously. "COLE!!"

We snickered, and began sneak-running away. We walked down to where poor unsuspecting Cole was cooking. I snickered softly. "Poor Cole's got a rude awakening by now. I almost feel bad." I whispered to Lloyd.

"I don't." He snickered.

We walked by and heard groaning. We opened the door and looked in. "By the way, I saw Jay spice things up. We told him not to though." Lloyd said, looking in.

I nodded. "Yeah. He said something along the lines of, 'Cole's cooking needs this, whether he knows it or not.'" I said, reciting the fake lines I made up off of the top of my head.

"Bye, Cole." I said waving, and pulling Lloyd away.

I heard coughing, and Cole shouting, "JAY!!"

I snickered, and we hurried away. Lloyd and I waited for Jay to test out the sparring bot. And it didn't take long. I was surprised that Cole didn't get to him first. He walked down the ladder-like stairs, and I leaned over the railing, holding onto it. I still felt uncomfortable, despite the fact that the ship wasn't flying. It still petrified me to be up here. "Let's ease into this shall we? How about level two." Jay said, hitting a button on the remote.

It began sparking, and a broad 9 appeared on its chest. That's a lot higher than I expected. I jolted upright, and watched wide-eyed as Lloyd walked down. "Hey, Jay, I saw Zane try to repair the sparring-bot earlier. Isn't that your expertise? Later, bro." Lloyd said, walking away.

He walked past me, and looked eager to see what happened. I smacked his stomach. "You should have made it to where it wouldn't turn on! Not to where it would kill him!" I snapped softly to him.

He shrugged, and walked away. I glared at him, then ran down when I heard him shout, "No, NOOOOO! ZAANE!!!"

I shook my head furiously, then ran towards Jay. I grabbed him, and yanked him away from the sparring-bot. "Y/n-"

"I'll distract the bot, you shut it down!" I yelped to him.

He stared at me for a moment, then nodded. I ran in front of the bot, then around it dodging, it's attacks. It spun swiftly, and suddenly one of it's nunchucks hit me in the cheek. I stumbled backwards startled. "AH- That's gonna leave a mark." I growled, rubbing it, as I zig zagged back and forth, keeping it's attention.

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