Part 1

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Dedicated to Kiddo_Star

This plot starts from a week after the Holi episode.

"Jab aap hamare paas hote hai toh Hamari dil ki dhadakne tezz kyun ho jaati hai? "(Why does my heart beat faster when you are near me?) She asked innocently, looking at him. His one hand was below her head and the other one was holding her hand near his chest.

"Jab tum mere paas hoti hi toh meri bhi dil ki dhadkane tezz ho jaati hai. Hamari dil ki dhadakne ek ho jaati hai"(Even my heart beats faster whenever you are near me. Our heart beats become one") He replied, placing her hand on his chest.

"Hamari dil ki dhadakne ek ho jaati hai? " (Does our heart beat become one? ) She asked him, with moist eyes. He nodded his head. In no second, she placed her head on his chest. He side hugged her, cherishing the moment. Her head on his chest, his hands on her waist, nothing could be more perfect.

Arnav leaned more to the recliner, remembering those precious moments. It was just a contract marriage. Khushi Kumari Gupta meant nothing to him other than a gold digger, who betrayed him, his Di along with Shyam. Why couldn't his heart accept that fact? Why could he see some innocence on her face? Why did he feel that she felt the same for him, like he felt for her? Why, for the first time he felt that he is wrong? Why was he not able to believe himself? Why does he feel that whatever he saw on the terrace was not true? Why doesn't his heart agree that Khushi can betray his Di?

He had no answers for these questions. But for the first time Arnav Singh Raizada has started to feel that he is wrong, he started to feel that he is missing something, he had started seeing innocence in her eyes. His Khushi can't hurt anyone. She cannot even think of that. His Khushi, always thought of others happiness, then how could he believe that she could better his Di along with Shyam? He shut his eyes with guilt. He had been wrong to judge her. The sound of her bangles, brought him out of his thoughts.

"Aaj ka mausam hai suhana... "she started humming the song, with her eyes closed and holding a plate of jalebi in her hand. Arnav has got up from the recliner and was advancing towards the cupboard, where exactly she was. She took one jalebi and turned, and her jaw dropped, her eyes widened, when the plate dropped on the floor and the jalebis dirtied his shirt. She would definitely not be spared by Laad Governor.

Hey Devi maiyya, help me out. Give me the strength to hear his words! She prayed to her best friend.

He looked at her. She was so scared of him. Her eyes were closed. He gulped his throat seeing her. What had he done to her? He felt guilty for pushing her to such a condition. He has always hurt her for no reason. He felt bad for whatever he had done to her so far. He felt too guilty to even ask for an apology from her. He needs time.

After knowing Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada from almost one year, she got to know that it was of no use to pray "Please save me from his scoldings", because that wish was never fulfilled and neither Arnav's anger ever mellowed down. She waited for him to blast at her, but when he didn't say anything, she opened her eyes to see him. He looked calm. He didn't give an "I will kill you" look to her, instead he just walked to the washroom.

Khushi blinked her eyes for a few seconds. What was wrong with him? Or rather what was right with him? Arnav Singh Raizada, didn't blast on Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada! Definitely something was wrong. Well, wasn't he showing this side of his from a week? He hasn't shouted on her, and neither insulted her.

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