chapter 20

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Rosie pov:-

Before I opened my eyes I know where I was, in the meadow .But this time I was with my husband not with his parents. He was caressing my hair softly and my head was on his lap. I opened my eyes and looked at him. His eyes were not on me but at the waterfall before us. He looked lost in his thoughts. I put my hand on his which was kept on my waist. That broke him from his thoughts.

He looked at me, his eyes were red and he had dark circles around his eyes. His hair was messed up, he looked tried and a mess. I sat up groaning in pain that instantly shot up my body. He pulled me on his lap and hugged me tightly like his life is dependent on me.

I hugged him tightly as all the memories of last night came flooding in my mind. I sobbed on his shoulder and held him tightly even if it's possible. He kissed my crown and tried to pull back but I didn't, I held on to him tight.

"Its okay rose, I'm here now, nothing will happen to you, I promise", he whispered soothing in my ear. I pulled back little, looked at him. He leaned in and captured my lips in his. All the worries and pain flew away but I knew he was just distracting me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and my arms automatically wrapped around his neck.

"Edward, bl... blood everywh..ere I.. I don't kno.... I scared", I sobbed uncontrollably on his chest, the eyes of the dead human haunts me wherever I close my eyes, I know what I saw it wasn't a dream or a nightmare but a reality.

My heart beat picked up its pace, my mind was jumbled by sudden thoughts. I started to panic when I saw blood on my hands, I turned up to see Edward suddenly disappeared and I was back again in the same place but this time it was empty, no basket, no dead body, no dead eyes but only blood surrounding me . My lungs burned due to lack of oxygen.

I tried to call for Edward but I couldn't , no sound came from my mouth. I turned towards the rustling sound that came from my left. my eyes widened in fear, my breath hitched in my throat. The dead human was standing before me, his head was twisted in a odd way, his eyes were rolled back, he had no hands but only one leg. I threw up all the contents in my stomach at the blood that was leaking from his body.

I pushed myself back away from the dead human. I tried calling out for help but again failed miserably. I shut my ears closed with my hands to stop hearing his cries. His cries were loud and filled with pain. Suddenly it fell before me, I tried screaming but nothing came out. I pushed myself back into the tree and hugged my knees to my chest.

I sobbed helplessly and hopelessly, I joined my hands and pleaded to let me go. The dead humans eyes rolled back to normal and looked straight at me. With a loud cry it launched itself on me, It fell above me. I trashed around and screamed loudly but this time I could hear my voice. The dead human stared at me and laughed evilly at my helplessness. Its laughter was cruel and pure evil. I trashed underneath him and kept screaming trying to get away from him.

A sharp sting on my cheek bought me back to reality, I opened my eyes to see Edward hovered above me looking worried and terrified. I looked around to see I was back in the meadow. With a loud cry I launched myself on to him and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling myself closer to him and hugged him with all my might. Instantly his arms were wrapped around my waist, keeping me safe in his arms.

I kept on weeping in his arms uncontrollably, he kept running his hand on my back soothingly and whispered sweet nothings to me but it did nothing to me, I was scared, no terrified to let go of him, I was terrified that if I let go of him I will be back there, in the nightmare which was slowly killing me. I was terrified to see the bloody dead man again, terrified to hear his sinister laugh, terrified to die in his dead hands.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise, I failed you, I couldn't protect you as I promised, I'm sorry my rose", he whispered softly in my ear when I was slowly calming down but I didn't stop sobbing yet.

"Ed... Ed..ward", I whispered so softly that I couldn't hear myself, my voice was harsh and raw because of all the screaming but he heard. He pulled me more closer to him if that was even possible.

"Yes rose, say what you want? What can I do to take away your pain? I will do anything for you even if meant killing myself", I pulled away from him and looked at him. Tears rolled on his face, he looked more vulnerable now than the day he told me about his past. His always warm dark eyes were now dull, light grey. His face held sadness and sorrow.

" I going to d.die?", I choked on my own words, a loud cry left me at the thought of dieing, I don't want to die, I want to live, live with him, my husband, my Edward. I want to erase his dark past and fill it with warm and happy memories. I want to love him, and him to love me. I want to grow old and grey with him. I want to have childrens with him, a lot of them. Its unfair, we didn't have any time, we need more time, we deserve more time.

"No rose, your not going to die, I will not let you die", he growled at me and crashed his lips to mine rather harshly. I pull away from him.

"I.. I don't want to die", I leaned my forehead on his and I closed my eyes not having the strength anymore to stay conscious I give up to the darkness. But before I lost conscious I heard his promising words which warmed my heart and I happily gave into darkness.

"You will not"


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