Chapter 2

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"You brought Spider-Man to the Avengers Facility?" Sam asked, crossing his arms. The entirety of the team was sitting in the large living room, lounging on various pieces of furniture or standing.

"His aunt just got murdered," Tony spoke simply. "She was the only family he had left, I wasn't about to leave him on the street, especially not after he called me."

"What about the police? They're gonna want to question him at some point, and you didn't tell them you were taking him," Steve spoke up from his spot on one of the couches.

"We can deal with that later, I'll have my lawyers handle it," came the response.

"So is he going to live here now?" Wanda asked. She was sitting on a loveseat with Vision. It had been well established that they were in a relationship, and none of the rest of them objected. They all thought it was, quite frankly, adorable.

"It all depends on what the kid wants," Tony answered. "If not, he'll probably live with one of his friends from school."

"But since he's Spider-Man, you'd prefer it if he lived here," Rhodey spoke for his best friend. He shifted his stance from where he was standing. It had been relatively simple for Tony to engineer braces so the soldier could walk. There had been some tension between Vision and Rhodey in the first few days after Team Cap moved back in, but it had soon been resolved when Vision approached him with a sincere apology. Rhodey had forgiven him; it was an accident, after all, the android had never intended to cripple the man. Thankfully, any animosity the two had harbored against each other had soon dissipated, and business as usual returned to the Facility.

"Makes sense," Bucky added. The super soldier had also started living there, and had caused more tension than Rhodey and Vision combined. Tony had reluctantly allowed him inside, mainly because he trusted his fellow Avengers (usually Steve, Sam, or Nat) to keep an eye on him more than anyone the government could provide. And it seemed like the man didn't want to be alone anyways. He seemed to trust himself just about as much as Tony trusted him; in other words, not much. Everyone had adjusted however, and he turned out to be pretty handy during training sessions. Of course, it always helped that Bucky genuinely seemed like he wanted to change and stray from his Hydra ways. He was a completely different person than the Winter Soldier. That wasn't to say he didn't have his fair share of problems such as PTSD and the like. Practically everyone in the Avengers had some sort of mental issues, due to the sheer number of times they had to save the Earth, not to mention personal experiences. But they all supported each other, in their own way. They were in this together for the long run, and judging by the way things had been going (pretty good), it didn't look like they were due for another civil war anytime soon (thank God).

"So, do you know his name?" Clint asked.

"I think he's rather tell you himself, if he wants to," Tony replied. "He still has a secret identity, and unlike the rest of us, he might want to keep it a secret." Clint made a noise of affirmation and settled deeper into the couch he was currently inhabiting.

"So, we're just gonna wait until he wakes up?"

"Until tomorrow yes, the poor kid's exhausted," Tony said, sounding slightly exasperated. He would have thought that things like this were a given. But he guessed that some people just needed it said aloud to confirm.

"Well, I for one, am tired. 'Night everyone," Rhodey announced. The rest soon followed, trickling into their rooms. Some couldn't help but take a peek into the room Spider-Man was sleeping in. None disturbed him however, and the rest of the night passed by quietly.


(A/N: This is so short reeeeeeeeeeee)

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