2. Daddy's Baby Girl

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I was upset that I really wasn't getting to spend time with my kids. I have so many interviews to do that I never really get time to just chill with my babies. I called Papi and he didn't answer & I was going to facetime Mars but I know it's her nap time. I looked at my phone and saw that Nicki texted me.

From: MarsMommy💞 - Your daughter has been crying nonstop for you

To: MarsMommy💞 - Damn I miss her like shit 🙁

From: MarsMommy💞 - She misses you too

To: MarsMommy💞 - What she doing now?

From: MarsMommy💞 - Sleeping

To: MarsMommy💞 - Daddy's baby girl 😘

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To: MarsMommy💞 - Daddy's baby girl 😘 . Sorry I've been busy kinda upset that I'm out and you still don't get a break, but Ima send you on vacation once this all over with.

From: MarsMommy💞 - Goodbye Meek 😂

To: MarsMommy💞- Im serious Tanya

From: MarsMommy💞- Please don't me call that 🙄😂

To: MarsMommy💞- 🙄 but I need to talk to you about something

From: MarsMommy💞- About?

To: MarsMommy💞- Bouta facetime you now


I took a deep breath already knowing what this was about. My phone rung less than ten seconds after Meek sent me that message. On the screen of my phone flashed 'Meek👨‍👧'

"Hello" I said answering the phone
"Where you at" He asked
"Why" I asked turning the volume down because he was getting loud
"Nic where you at" He asked a little more serious
"In Minks room" I said flipping the camera so he can see
"Why you still in there and she sleep" He asked me
"Stop sucking me" I responded rolling my eyes
"Don't play with me" He said seriously

I chuckled before exiting out her room slightly cracking the door as I left.

"She begged me to come in there and lay with her she been down ever since you dropped her back off" I said
"Yeah I owe her 6 months of time" He said

I walked into my room and got comfortable on my bed not realizing my titties was all in the camera.

"Damn Nic you know I haven't had none in 6 months you tryn get a nigga hard" He asked me
I chuckled before responding "My bad and what you mean you haven't had none in 6 months it should be longer than that"
"What you mean" He said scratching his head
"We've been broken up for a year and some change" He laughed and threw his head back
"I don't want to discuss my sex life with you Nic that's not why I called" He said and rolled my eyes
"Well fuck do you want" I asked getting irritated
"You mad" He asked me
"Are you going to talk or not" I asked on the verge of hanging up
"Young fuck you got an attitude for because I don't want to answer your question" He asked me
"You don't even get it" I said before hanging


I was about to leave the house to go do this interview but I stopped and walked over to Pmon, Omelly, Tak, and Coon.

"I can't make this interview y'all I gotta go handle something" I said
"What nigga you need us to go" Omelly asked
"Nah I'm going to see Mars" I said partially telling the truth
"She good" Tak asked
"She's perfect" I responded "It's just she missed her daddy" I said and they all nodded
"Well I'm going to stay here" Pmon said
"Me too" said Coon
"Ard that's cool hopefully I'll be back within an hour or two" I said
"You sure you good" Omelly asked me
"Yeah I'm straight"


I called Nicki about a good 7 times and she still was sending me straight to voicemail and I absolutely hate being on bad terms with one of my baby moms the shit just don't make me feel right. I pulled up to Nicki's house putting the password in the gate. I thought she might've changed it but nope it was still our anniversary date.

I pulled in front of her house and blew the horn. She came out fast as shit in a tank top and leggings with her gucci slides.

"What" She yelled from the porch

I waved for her to come over to the car and she did of course with an attitude.

"What" She said by the passenger door
"Get in" I said
"Mink is sleep" I said
"You got the monitor in your hand" I said

She rolled her eyes and got inside the car.

"What's wrong with you" I asked her

She didn't say anything just sat with her arms crossed.

"Onika" I said and she turned her head and looked at me
"What's wrong" I asked sincerely
"The conversation earlier reminded me of you cheating on me" She said and I threw my head back
"Nic I'm sorry" I told her
"I know" She said not looking at me


We was in the car talking for hours. We was talking about serious topics like the interview I did and how he didn't like me talking about him going to jail & not so serious topics Im sure we would've been in the car longer but Mars woke up from her nap and started crying.

"I'll see you later" I told him
"I'll help you with her" He said
"No because you know she going to want you to stay all night" I told him

He nodded his head and we said our goodbyes



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