After School

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'' Ring ring ring ring''

'' Hooray School done'' Mirosama stand up

'' Mirosama'' Teacher calling 

'' Hehehe sorry teacher'' Mirosama scratching his hair

'' Okay be careful going home'' Teacher give advice 

'' Hai teacher'' All in unison

Teacher clean up the table. Hold the book. Teacher walked toward the class door and opened the door.

After their teacher walked out from the classroom. One by one walked to the classroom to back home.

  Hayato turn his face to Tsuna and asked Tsuna 

''Is there a place Tsunahime want to go now?'' 

When Hayato asked Tsuna. Tamami turn her face too

'' Cake shop'' Tsuna answer

'' Okay Tsunahime let go'' Hayato said

'' Really...can go to cake shop?'' Tsuna try to confirm

'' Of course Tsunahime'' Hayato nod

'' Tsuna I cannot wait try to taste all the cake at the cake shop'' Tamami sparkling

'' I am not invite you Tamami'' Hayato want to start argue

'' Hayato let go together with Tamami too'' Tsuna interfere Hayato before they start their argue with sparkling glee

'' Okay Tsunahime, Tamami can go together'' Hayato give up after saw Tsuna sparkling glee

'' And Hayato please treat me a cake please ~'' Tamami use her cuteness to make Hayato buy a cake for her

Hayato try to resist Tamami cuteness  but fail to resist Tamami cuteness '' Okay I treat you and Tsunahime too''

'' Thank you Hayato'' Tsuna and Tamami in unison with happy face

'' It's that great Hayato treat us a cake right, Tsuna'' Tamami said

'' Yeah Tamami'' Tsuna agree

(Well what Hayato do not that his  wallet will empty today)

Tsuna,Hayato,Tamami put their book in their bag. They stand up from their chair after put their book inside the bag

Only Tsuna,Hayato,Tamami in class left. They walked toward the class door.

Hayato opened the door 

Tsuna walked outside first

'' Thank you Hayato''

'' Welcome Tsunahime''

And follow by Tamami and lastly Hayato

Tsuna,Tamami,Hayato chatted before they arrive at the cake shop

All the adult whisper about Tsuna while they walked

'' That girl will bring us misfortune to us'' All adult whisper

Only Tamami and Hayato listen. They try to distract Tsuna listen adult gossip about Tsuna. And relieve Tsuna distract 

Tamami grab Tsuna hand  and whisper at Tsuna ear'' Let eat all cake at cake shop Tsuna'' 

'' What did you do to Tsunahime, Tamami!!'' Hayato pissed

'' It's girl talk right,Tsuna''Tamami wink at Tsuna

'' Hai'' Tsuna answer

Tsuna intuition  give her vibe and stop her walked

Hayato and Tamami worried

'' Tsunahime are you okay?''

Tamami look at every surrounding if an enemy try to ambush them here

Tsuna run to source of her intuition told her

'' Tsunahime '' Hayato shout Tsuna name

'' No, an enemy but my feeling felt something bad will happen to Tsuna'' 

'' Hayato let follow Tsuna, I got bad feeling something will happen to her if we do not follow her now''

'' Right'' Hayato agree

Tamami and Hayato chased Tsuna 


See you next time > <

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