Rest time part 2

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'' Tsunahime nice place to eat''

'' I agree with Hayato''

'' Well I want to show both of you my favorite place''

'' Tsunahime'' Hayato in tears

Tamami patted Hayato shoulder

'' Don't touch me'' Hayato angry

'' Tsuna, Hayato dislike me'' Tamami in tears

Make Hayato in panic  mode

'' Sorry Tamami''

Tamami touch her stomach and laugh '' Hahahaha it's fun to tease Hayato''

Tsuna sweatdrop but she love to have two friend beside her now

'' Tamami thank you very much be my friend'' Tsuna in tears and smile

Tamami and Hayato determine to protect her smile from anything harm

'' Let eat our food or recess time will end'' Tsuna said

'' Yes Tsuna''

'' Yes Tsunahime''

'' Tamami please have a share my bento''

'' Thank you Tsuna''

Tsuna,Tamami and Hayato eat their food

'' Nice view'' Tamami said

''Tsunahime is amazing found this place'' Hayato sparkling glee

Tsuna in tears '' I found this place to avoid people but now I have two of you to share my favorite place''

'' Let have a group hug'' Tamami give suggestion

'' Yeah'' Hayato agree

After ten minutes

They finish eat their food

Tsuna lean on the wall follow by Tamami and Hayato

'' Tsunahime Misa san food is delicious'' 

'' Thank you Hayato''

'' My eye lid felt heavy now'' Tamami yawn

Tsuna chuckle

'' Let take a nap awhile''

'' No Tsunahime she promise to tell you something'' Hayato shake Tamami shoulder

'' Hayato I am sleepy''

'' Your must fulfill your promise''

'' Hai'' Tamami try awake

'' Well my father work with Vongola. Reborn asked my father permission to have me protect you in School''

'' Ohh that why you here" Tsuna nod

" It's fun to be here with you and Hayato" Tamami turn her face to Tsuna and Hayato

'' Me too Tamami''

'' Yeah'' Hayato said

'' I am sleepy please wake me up  if school bell sound'' Tamami slowly  close her eye

Tsuna chuckle

'' Tsunahime please have a nap I will wake up you''

'' Thank you Hayato''

Tsuna slowly close her eye

After ten  minutes

'' Ring ring ring ring''

'' Tsunahime, Tamami wake up''

Tsuna open her eye include Tamami

'' Nice sleep I have'' Tamami stretch her body

'' Thank you Hayato'' 

'' Welcome Tsunahime''

'' Thank you Hayato''

'' Welcome Tamami''

Tsuna,Hayato,Tamami walked to their classroom


See you next time > <

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