Worlds Apart

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It was now not only the brightest stars that were visible, but outlines of trees and bushes could be seen. The profiles of structures manifested with the first light glistening on it. This was a populated place,maybe some island other than Long Island.

Aldrich and I began our search in earnest,observing the wet sand for prints or anything that could connection us to him. But nothing...Apart from the disturbing thoughts about our friend,we also noticed that our clothes were never wet. My satchel and belongings intact. We weren't stranded...

Being completely engrossed in thought, we were unaware of a large group of people approaching us. As we heard voices and a commotion, we turned around and were relieved as more people could mean well needed aid.

There were strangers on horseback. Their leader was riding in front,with the others in quick succession. Their attire was something eccentric and peculiar. Medieval even! Judging by my knowledge of period dramas, their garments dated back to the late 1800's!

Why were they dressed like that? The leader,as I baptised him,descended his horse properly and worthy. He was walking briskly now. In the background I could see a huge crowd expanding as their curiosity and interest grew. I saw the horsemen,in their uniform attire, carrying swords and such at their sides. Every second of our unusual experience was growing more bizarre by the moment. The leader came forward,his hand outstretched.

"I am Lord Pooler. King Montacute's advisor. He is sadly engaged elsewhere and send me to meet with you." So very formal! King and Lord? We both received his expression of welcome with gratitude.

He shook my hand firmly. A deep,low groan,rested at the back of my throat. Aldrich took it like a man. We introduced ourselves and gave some background on what happened to us. Little surprise was perceived from their side. The other men also came to introduce themselves. They were all part of the King's army...who needed an army on an island? My questions were multiplying and the information Lord Pooler gave us, was a bit hazy.

"And you are not to go to the woods!" He was very firm about it.

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