author note

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You've all must be wondering why I have been updating a lot recently and I'll gladly tell you why.

School, tests, exams, and doctors

As you all must now exames are here and I studying like crazy while also trying to make if for the classes that I've missed cause of the tests, I'm pretty sure I missed a whole lot of information from my other classes since they don't stop for no one and continue with class to keep students busy and I'm missing so much of it so stressful.

I had also went to the doc to get meds to keep me focused so I can actually get work don't side effects are being easily annoyed and lost of appitite.

I have really been eatting and can barely finish a half bowl or ramine or maybe half of a burger.

But any way my life is ruff but yours if probably worse so I shouldn't complain much any way.

Anyways that's all I've needed to says thanks for even bothering to read this boring authors note about random stuff that's probably not importatn but I thought you guys just might wanted to know what's going on in your authors life.

So anyway I might be able to update soon maybe wenseday or Friday maybe I don't know I'll try.

I'm freaking rambling sorry thanks for reading bye bye.


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