Chapter 1: Theodore

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Ok it is my first time writing a teen fiction, on first person and lol the point of view of the characters will be in the chapter title. Beware English is not my language and mistakes might appear. Also thanks to all who will read this. [FIRST DRAFT ON WATTPAD]

Two things I'll say:

1. The story is long in lenght and is not at a fast pace. If you have no patience to go through all the character/plot development, not Dany fault [this is not the same for my book club partners. You will receive the same of what you give.]

2. No, I won't cut my chapters in half or more parts. It is called butchering and I do not aprrove of such blasphemy ;p.

Sequels : Astray and Beyond the words they say. Different approch on all three books.

Book looked over by my wonderful editor:  Shreechandra 

The night was silent, except the sound of those buzzing cricket. High above there in the dark sky, the full moon was peeping through the floating clouds as if she's also hesitant of something just like me. Inhaling a deep breath, I looked straight into his eyes and finally confessed to him I love you.

In a shattering voice I asked him, "Do you love me?" My gaze was still fixed on those mesmerizing grey eyes. A reply which my ears earned to hear for so long, never came. I held a hope inside me, his lips were sealed but maybe his eyes were telling me that. I truly wanted to believe those light grey eyes which were flickering in the moonlight.

Maybe because of blindness in love it was just my illustration. I desired the embrace of his muscular hands, warmth of his body. I wanted to feel being protected and cared. Nothing else mattered to me, not even my own life. I was a fool in love. I was lovestruck.

I was a naive child then. I learned how painful love can be at fourteen years. For him those words were forbidden yet for me those three words meant the world. Since I met his eyes, everything changed. My lips were craving for his burning kisses; there was a burning sensation in my body whenever he touched me. Gradually I came to know I'm different.

Sometimes I still wonder how it all started. My mind just roams back to the gentle smile of a boy which was beyond beautiful. Then my thoughts got derailed and my trust once again was being shattered. I was already broken but he destroyed me. I felt love for the first time and I was so happy for the very first time. But I guess happiness never lasts for long. I was odd and a silent boy that was always bullied and laughed at.

But for him it was just a joke. I felt for him but he just pointed finger toward me. I once heard someone talking "He felt so easy." but I walked away without uttering a single word. I shouldn't have let myself falling so deep for him but I would never regret a single thing about him cause deep down inside my heart I still love him. Forgive me my weakness but I still wish to feel his warmth.

"Theodore!" I heard a voice followed by a slight push. "Wake up."

"What is it?" I mumbled, trying to get up fast, but the room started to spin and I got a slight headache.

"You're mumbling again in your sleep." He told me looking at me half asleep. "You even gripped my arm, kid." He shoved his arm in my face showing me the marks I must have made.

"What is the time?" I asked him trying to open my eyes and ignoring his voice. My head was throbbing like hell. Once again, I drank not a thought of much I was having.

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