Rest time

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'' ring ring ring ring''

'' Well School recess bell sound it time for recess''

Teacher take the belonging and  going outside from the classroom

All the student excited going to the recess

'' Tsunahime let go to the Cafeteria'' Hayato turn his face and asked

'' Yeah, I am hungry now''

Tamami grab Tsuna hand  first

'' Tamami release Tsunahime'' Hayato said

'' I don't want'' Tamami said


'' Hayato how about we two have recess together?'' Talisa asked

'' No'' Hayato don't hestitate

'' Why? I am pretty than ugly Tsuna''

Tsuna feeling being hurt

'' And she ugly I am pretty'' Talisa repeat

Tamami look at Tsuna who hold her tears

And have determination in her eye

Tamami release Tsuna hand and walked to Hayato

'' Tsunahime is most pretty girl and kind girl I love to be friend not like you'' Hayato angry

'' Why? Hayato I love you'' Talisa confess her feeling


Tamami kiss Hayato cheek and grab his hand pull Hayato beside her

Hayato froze 

'' What are you do to my fiancée and my friend!!'' Tamami glare at Talisa

'' You lie'' Talisa said

'' I am not lie Hayato will be my husband one  day''

'' I cannot accept that'' Talisa pissed

Tamami grab Tsuna hand and Hayato hand. 

'' If you lay on my friend Tsuna and my future husband Hayato I will not hesitate kill you here on the spot''Tamami give aura that she serious

Talisa shaking her knee

'' Please don't disturb us'' Tamami give her glare

Tsuna moved and Hayato blush 

Talisa get out from the classroom

'' Are you both okay?'' Tamami asked

'' Thank you Tamami'' Tsuna hug Tamami

Tamami froze that Tsuna hug her suddenly and  open her arm hug Tsuna

'' T...h...a...n..k...y...o....u'' Hayato shutter as he blush

'' Hayato you very cute when blush'' Tamami tease Hayato

'' What did you said!!!'' Hayato angry that Tamami tease him

Tsuna laugh so hard to see Hayato and Tamami argue

Tamami and Hayato turn their face at Tsuna and smile 

'' Tamami, Hayato let go to the Cafeteria to buy food''

'' Yeah'' All in unison

When Tsuna,Hayato,Tamami outside the classroom

'' Tsunahime I remember something''

'' What is it Hayato?

'' Misa san made two of us a bento'' 

'' You right, but how about Tamami?'' Tsuna worry

'' Don't worry I will buy the food alone''

'' No, Tamami let go together right Hayato''

'' Of course Tsunahime''

'' Thank you Tsuna,Hayato''

Hayato enter the classroom and take a bento from Tsuna bag

After ten minutes

'' Tsunahime where is the place to eat?'' Hayato asked

'' Let eat at  the rooftop the place I always eat the food everyday when recess time'' Tsuna guide 

Hayato,Tamami follow Tsuna to the rooftop


See you next time > <

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