Shooting Shots

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❤️~Life is short, lick the bowl~❤️

Samuel sat on the edge of his bed, shirtless.

His hands were busy with a sketch of a female face on his notepad.

He pulled his bottom lip in his mouth and bit on it as he struggled to focus on getting the lines right.

The only light in the dark room came from his bedside lamp. It glowed and created silhouettes on the white wall behind him.

Ashley would hit him hard on the head if she could see what he was doing. But he wasn't ready to be blinded by his light so it had to do.

The clock read 4:15am and his bed laid untouched.

Any other day and he would've been gearing up to start his day. But a Sunday for him is lazy. And having nothing to do made him very anxious.

He let out a huff and threw the pad on the table. His biceps rippled as he pulled a white T-shirt out of a drawer and wore it.

He had no idea what Ashley was doing but it kept him up all night.

Stupid twin. Why was I given one?

The time crept along slowly and he gave up on being creative and went into the kitchen.

His laptop sat on the counter where he left it three hours ago. It was currently sporting Michaela wrapped up in an oversized grey sweater that looked so familiar.

She must've found a way to answer for him on his Skype. Michaela was known for pulling stunts like that. She was a Networking student at the BlueCrest college. And hacking seemed to be her favorite topic.

She was sitting on her bed cross-legged and stuffing her face with Oreos, spraying layers of whipped cream on them.

He bit his lip to keep from laughing and snapped the picture on his phone.

"It's too early to be a fat cow, don't you think? And didn't I tell you to stop hacking my laptop?"

She paused in mid-bite and smiled a whipped creamed smile.

"I have to practice what I learn so hush. Rough night?"

He perched in one of the chairs and held both sides of his face, giving him a funny look.

"Yeah kind of. It's a twin thing."

She moved closer to the camera and opened a chocolate bar.

"You have to talk to her sooner or later dude. You know she won't stop bugging you."

She wolfed it down in two bites, the wrapper crinkling in her hand.

"Oh I know trust me. And Mich, you have to stop inhaling those. Its five o'clock in the morning."

"The conversation got boringgg."

She swayed and smiled deviously.

"Oh. I thought we were singing."

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