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My name is Y/N L/N. I have an abusive Father. He's not like that when my mom is around. She died giving birth to my little brother, which dad named him Michael. He loves him so much, it was as if... I'm not there.

Every time, something went wrong, that will upset my Father, he will take out his anger on me. Torturing me from time to time.

Life as a kid is so hard for me. I can't wait until I turn 18 and move out of this hell I called home.

My Brother is no different. He became arrogant towards me, because he knows dad is on his side. He would make me do things for him. If I refuse... He would tell our dad and dad will start to beat me up.

Next week will be my 18th birthday. I wait patiently for that day to come. I can't wait to move out of this place and to never meet my them again.... To be free.

My whole body is covered up with scars and fresh wound. Not a day past without them abusing me. But I'm used to the pain now. Every hit I get... Every punch I get... Every stab I get... Makes me stronger. Now I feel nothing.

My Father never let me go out... Never let me go to school. Having no social life... Turns me into a cold person.

1 Week Later

Finally the day has come! I'm 18 years old, which means... I could finally leave this place, and have a life the way I wanted. Without anyone holding me back.

I get up from the bed. Then I start packing all my belongings. Dad doesn't need to know that I've left. He won't care anyway.

Once I've finished packing. I put on my back pack and grab my luggage. Before I leave, I look around my room one last time. "Good-bye... Mama" I said. Then I turn around fully and leave the house. To the free world.


I use all my saving to buy a ticket to Japan. After 2 hours flight, I finally land safely in Japan.

I grab all my belongings. Then starts making my way out of the airport. 'Now that I'm here... What am I suppose to do?' I thought to myself. I can speak Japanese perfectly fine. But I don't know anyone here.

I sigh and starts walking. First I need to find a place to stay. But I don't have any money. What should I do? I honestly don't know.

As I turn around the corner. I saw a huge building. 'Woah... That place is huge!!' I thought in amazement. Then I read the sign. Kunugigaoka Academy. 'Hmm... Interesting' I thought to myself.

I walk over and enter the building, ignoring all the confused gaze I'm getting from the people here. I heard whispers like. 'Who is she?' 'Is she new?' 'She's kinda cute... I wonder who she is?' And more. But I don't put a mind to it.

Then I walk towards a principal office. Then I give it a knock. I open the door when I was given the permission to.

"Who are you?" A man behind the desk said. I bow "I'm Y/N L/N... I would like to attend this school" I said. "This isn't just any school... This is a school for assassins" he said. "I know that... That's exactly what I want" I said. "Why do you want to be an assassin?" He asks. "No reason... Other than the fact that I have an abusive man as my Father... And an arrogant boy as a Brother... I want to make them pay for what they have done to me" I said. My eyes turns dark.

The man smirks. "Oh my... You have bloodlust flowing around you... Yes... You will suit just fine around here" he said. I just stare at him. "I'm Gakuho Azano... The chairman of this academy... Welcome" he said. Then he gives me a key to my dorm room. I take it from him and bow, then I leave the room.

I start looking for the room. After a while, I finally manage to find it. I unlock the door and enters the room. There's two bed in the room. I place my belongings on the empty bed. I stare at the bed across from mine. 'Looks like I'll be having a roommate... I wonder who that'll be' I thought to myself.

I start unpacking my belongings, placing them where I need them to be. In the middle of unpacking, I hear the door opens and close. Then I hear a pair of footsteps walking in the room.

"Who are you?" I heard someone said. I turn around to see a boy with red hair. "I'm Y/N... Starting today, I'll be attending this academy" I said. He just stares at me for a while, then he makes his way over to the bed across from me.

He laid down and close his eyes, not saying a thing. I narrow my eyes at him. Then I clear my throat. He opens one eye and looks at me. "You know about me... So it'll be fair if you tell me about yourself" I said, crossing my arms on my chest. "Akabane Karma... That's all you need to know. Now shut up, I wanna sleep. I'm tired" he said, turning around so his back is facing me. Soon enough, I heard soft snore coming from the boy. I roll my eyes at him. Then I just decide to continue unpacking my belongings.

After a while, I finally finished. I plopped down to bed in exhaustion. Then I glance at the clock and my eyes widened. "Woah... I take that long just to unpack" I said to myself, in shock. I hear a grumble across from me, coming from the sleeping boy. 'Ooops' I thought to myself. 

I decide to change my clothes into a much comfortable once. Then I flop myself onto my bed. I close my eyes and slowly fall asleep.

*to be continued*

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