Elysia Wright

The way my phone was going off I couldn't do anything with it but let it sit there so many notifications from my social media it was crazy on top of that messages and calls from people trying to figure out what was going on. I was even a little salty because after all this time I was just now getting a message from Darius asking why I didn't tell him I was still here with his ugly ass.

"Are you okay?" My mother asked I was talking to her from one of August other phones

"Yeah I'm good I'm not really bothered by her or her words it's just so much going on right now"

To be honest it was the truth nothing she said hurt my feelings and I didn't take it any kind of way cause for one I know everything she said was a lie, I know and everyone else she mentioned in her little tea know the truth and second at the end of the day I'm still going to have two things she wants August and Aiden so yeah I'm a remain unbothered by her.

"Okay sweetie I'm just making sure you good before we get on the plane"

"Alright I love you be safe and let me know when y'all make it home"

"I will and love you too," she said and hung up I placed August phone down and walked downstairs to see him talking to his people. After being contacted about the situation the first thing he did after hearing what she did was got in touch with his lawyer he wasted no time trying to handle this. I couldn't really tell how he felt about it I don't think he was bothered by it probably just the fact that he was with this girl for so long putting his trust into her and she goes out and does some fuck shit like this on top of what she already caused, she not letting him catch a break like he owe her some when its all her fault.

Instead of interrupting them I grabbed me a banana and went back upstairs with Aiden eating my banana.

Since I couldn't use my phone right now I just busied myself playing with Aiden since he was wide open. I loved this baby so much I'm so glad I didn't leave. After a few hours, I heard soft knocks on my door.

"Come in," I said

"You good" August asked taking a seat beside me

"Yeah I told you that already but what happen?"

"Well, for right now I'm pressing charges against her for slandering our names on Tv and I'm also trying to get a restraining order and I want you to get one too. I know she not crazy enough to do nothing she was just embarrassed and didn't want to look stupid I know her but I just don't want to risk it in case her little friends boost her head up"

"You sure you want to do this?"

"Positive love" he laid down between my legs with his head on my stomach.

"Just making sure I don't want you to do this because of me I'm fine I know Y'all have your problems but you've known her for a while an-"

"What did we talk about Ley"

"I know August but I'm just saying"

"What happened between Nova and me was on her and the decisions she made not because of you so she not about to attack you for some her stupid ass did and try to make it seem like you the problem. Another thing even if you and I weren't kicking it and I found out about what she did that day I still wouldn't try to be buddy buddy with her. When I say, somebody, dead to me I mean it."

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