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"Right, I gotta vamoose, guys, and I'd wait for a see you later but-"

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"Right, I gotta vamoose, guys, and I'd wait for a see you later but-"

Pausing to send her roommate and friend a pointed look that they didn't seem to notice, Toni rolled her eyes with a playful scowl.

"I don't think my absence will be noticed."

Her words spoken loud enough garnered the attention of a few near of the assembled Serpents, most of whom had been gabbing amongst themselves. The few ceased their powwows and the group switched their focus to Toni.

"Rude."Nadine quipped with a feigned scowl in response to Toni's."I heard that."

"That was the point."

While they'd offered a few glances and responses, it was obvious Nadine, and Sweet Pea's focus wasn't entirely on the conversation at hand. The pair, whose contribution to the gatherings' conversation had become somewhat infrequent as the minutes ticked by, and they had gotten comfortable, were quietly-almost inaudibly-conversing in their own little sector.

Habitually and predictably, Sweet Pea's hands had slithered their way into the back pockets of Nadine's shorts to keep her close. And, in reciprocation, Nadine's fingers had latched onto the lapels of Sweet Pea's jacket.

The pair seemed content and shared a few subtle touches of affection, touches that were a forewarning aimed at prying eyes to think twice. They were was a clear message to those who may wish to challenge it.

But their touches were low-key in public. Apparently, they shared a multiplicity of 'touchy feely shit' as Toni had once remarked, most of which was reserved for a less tense situation.

"The bell's rang already?"

A half-asleep blonde Serpent spoke with a drowsy tone, shaking his head to rid the hair in his eyes to glower up at the graffitied clock up on the wall.

"Could've sworn it was only half past."

Chiming in with a small laugh and offering his comrade a comforting pat on the back, Toni's eyes shifted to the lean, sinewy brunette as he straightened beside Sweet Pea's shoulder, grudgingly preparing to push away from the locker.

With an almost perpetual glower as well as a constant grin, one was unable to decipher whether Rook was beaming at them or proposing a fight.

It was usually both.

"You and me both, man."Rook said to the blonde with an understanding sigh, patting his friend's shoulder again before gesturing the other teenager to follow a pair to their shared class."Let's get a move on, all right?"

"You're actually making an effort to be on time?"Toni feigned concern as she studied the other teenager with interest."What's up, Rook?"

"We don't need unnecessary trouble, Topaz."He replied with a shrug, pausing to clap hands with another Serpent as they ambled off, watching after them as he added."We got more important stuff to focus on than caseworkers hounding us."

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