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His team just finished their practice and the sun is already sinking over the horizon. Katsuki squinted his eyes as he watched the orange sun slowly descend.

Suddenly, his phone began to vibrate in his pocket. He checked the caller I.D. and found out that it was from Inko Midoriya. He answered the call almost immediately.

"Hello?" The woman asked from the other side.

Katsuki can hear that the woman is crying because of how painful her voice sounds like.

"Mrs. Modoriya? What happened?" He asked.

"Please...go to this location that I sent you. I-" Inko sniffed, "They found Izuku but he isn't responding to any of us...please...please help my baby!"

Katsuki's eyes widened in pure shock. His heart began to beat fast and his body trembled. Katsuki checked the location in his phone and he began to follow it.

Slowly, then he broke into a run. As fast as his athletic body could take him.

He kept repeating the words ' Izuku is alive' in his head, again and again. He kept thinking that they will be together again.

Katsuki felt happy, but dreaded at the same time.

'Izuku I'm coming' he thought, dashing through streets and blocks.

When he finally got there, his heart sunk in sadness.

A burnt building was surrounded by the police. Yellow tapes blocking his view. He can hear a lot of yelling and a woman crying nearby.

"Katsuki!" Inko exclaimed as soon as he got there.

Katsuki let the woman embrace him into a hug. He can feel how painful her cries were and he can feel just how much despair his heart is emitting.

"Izuku...he is trapped in the basement. He isn't responding to anyone when we call him and its too dangerous for anyone to jump inside" Inko explained, wiping her tears away.

"I understand" Katsuki said.

"We don't know what's wrong with him. He just kept on crying and calling out your name. I-I don't know what to do"

Katsuki clicked his tongue and gently shoved the green haired woman. Then he run inside the yellow tapes, ignoring the screams from the police.

He found a hole, almost too small for anyone to fit in. But he kneeled down on the hole and peeked through.

"Oi! Deku! You there!" He exclaimed.

He can see nothing inside except pure darkness but he knew that his boyfriend is crying somewhere inside.

The silence passed by and the police got a grab on his arms, trying to drag him away.

"Stupid assholes! Let me go!" He exclaimed, kicking and punching anyone in his way.


Everyone around the area suddenly halted their actions at the voice from the hole.

Izuku's voice made Katsuki's heart swell in so many feelings. Tears slowly found their way put of his eyes.

Katsuki elbowed the man trying to pin him down and scampered towards the hole.

"Deku! Deku! I'm here!" Katsuki exclaimed.

"Ka-cha-" he heard multiple coughs on the other side. "Ka-chan...I'm here" he called out back.

Katsuki turned back towards the police. "Oi! Someone give me a flashlight and a rope!" He exclaimed.

"The fireman can help us. Just let them do it" the chief ordered.

Katsuki wiped his tears and stood up from where he kneeled. He trudged his way towards the chief and grabbed his collar.

"Oi asshole. That teenager inside that building is my boyfriend! You hear me fatass! So grab my materials and I'll save him myself! I don't need ya fucking fireman!" He exclaimed.

The chief sighed and pulled a flashlight from his pocket. "Someone give this guy a rope!" He exclaimed.

Katsuki let go. He grabbed the flashlight and the rope then he ran back into the hole.

"Ka-chan?" Izuku asked once again

"Don't leave me" he whimpered.

"Shh, shhh ..I'm here Deku" he said, pointing the flashlight inside the hole.

What he saw inside was heartbreaking.

Izuku stood right below the hole, his eyes covered by his own hands. He wore a white hospital gown and he looked much more thinner than before. What's more is the blood that covered the entire floor along with several dismembered bodies.

Now that he saw it, he smelled rotten blood coming from below.

"I'll throw a rope down. So open your eyes..." Katsuki said, very calmly.

Izuku shook his head. "I don't want to...I-Ill see them again" he coughed several times, blood coming out from his mouth. "I don't want to see them slaughtered"

Katsuki looked away for a while. Its just too painful to watch this scene.

"Then try to look up and focus on my face while I lower the rope, okay?" Katsuki said.

Izuku did. He slowly lifted his chin up and opened his eyes. Showing his green eyes once again to Katsuki.

"Ka-chan!" He exclaimed happily as tears ran down his cheeks unstoppable.

Katsuki smiled and threw the rope down. "Now, step on the noose of the rope and cling tightly. I'll slowly lift you up so bare with me" he said.

Izuku did. He tried to locate the noose without looking down, then he clung very tight. His weak knuckles turning white.

Katsuki pulled, but Izuku is very light making it much more easier. Slowly and gently he lift him up.

Until they are in each others grasp.

Izuku clung on Katsuki, his head resting on his shoulder.

Katsuki hugged him gently, scared that he might break a bone without noticing. But nonetheless, he felt a rush of relief in his chest and his heart began to mend itself.

Now that Izuku is within his grap once again. He promised himself to never let go and to protect his love forever.


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