xxiv. back and bloodier

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      The Lovelace girl opened her soft, tired eyes as strands of hair laid in her face like twigs. Her vision was cloudy, though she could feel the tickle of cool morning air on her cheeks, as if urging her to get up. She rubbed her eyes and was able to make out Hugo looming over her and above him, the ceiling of a red tent, though, noting the patchwork, it was not the one she was familiar with. Then, her attention focused back to Hugo, noting the shadows smeared underneath his eyes. Something had happened. She didn't get to dwell too much on it when the realization hit her that she'd had a little too much to drink the night before.

"Ugh," she groaned as she pulled herself up. "Shit, I think I'm gonna puke."

Hugo helped her sit straight, though she instantly expelled what she thought to be all that had been in her stomach onto his leather boots. "Ah, thanks for that." He mumbled.

"Dammit, Pan," Monty sputtered. She noted him in the bed over, snuggled in blankets with a look of disgust over his face. Sometime during the night, Monty and Jasper had let Pandora sleep in their tent. She'd thank them both later. "Now, it's gonna smell in here."

"Sorry, guys," she hiccuped. Hugo acted before she knew what was happening and shoved a bucket into her lap. She puked again.

      Hugo patted her back gently. "It's alright," he insisted and inspected the total damage of the shoes. "There're some extras in the drop ship. Though, these were my favorite."

"I'm really sorry," she apologized again. "And, I'll clean this up." She assured Monty.

"Yeah, yeah, it's fine," he insisted, a bit more agitated that she'd been used to.

Pandora shot Hugo a look, silently asking him what had put him on the wrong side of the bed. "He's in a bad mood," Hugo whispered to her.

"I can still hear you."

Hugo ignored him. "Anyways, are you alright?"

"I should just never drink again." She brought her head into her hands, feeling her brain pound against her skull.

"Yeah, that was a bad idea," Hugo confirmed, offering a forced chuckle, which haltered almost as soon as it started. "But, there are worse things to worry about."

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