JUNHOE ~ Jerky [request 2018]

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Koo Junhoe [requested]
by: withxtrakon

Note: i am currently making another jinhwan fanfic entitled The Blind. feel free to read it soon! thank you for reading.


Kim Hayul's POV

Today is Friday, which means school days are ending again. Every Friday, my boyfriend Junhoe always invites his long-term highschool friends Hanbin and Jinhwan. And every time they are here, they always annoy me because of their laughters and jokes and games that are always nonsense and irritating.

"HAHAHA you're so weak in fortnite koo junhoe. Try again next time," I overheard Kim Hanbin chuckles as he disses my boyfriend. I glanced at the living room and saw junhoe pouted, which is the legitimate cutest thing ever. He has this bitchy attitude but when he pouts? you'll get weak for sure. 

"Hey babe, can you get me some pringles over there?" Junhoe said without even looking at me. And here he goes, starting to annoy me.

"Magic word?" I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow. Bitch vs. bitch it is. 

"Ugh, just get me one babe," I rolled my eyes and went to the cabinet. I smirked, not really planning to get the pringles but the food he doesn't really like the most.

"Hayul where's our pringles?" Jinhwan muttered while the three of them are still focused on the fortnite. I fakely smiled though they cannot see it and get the gummy worms. 

I slowly walked towards the couch, behind Junhoe and leaned to his shoulders.

"Open your mouth babe. Here's your pringles," he then opened his, too busy to look at me. When he chewed the gummy worm, he frantically spit it out on the floor and made a what-the-fuck expression at me. I held my stomach, laughing hysterically. Jinhwan and Hanbin laughed in unison, enjoying Junhoe's reaction.

I wiped my tears of laughter and became a little serious. Turning into a mad mother.

"Stop making me your maid," I turned my back at him and entered my door, shutting the door out.


I was reading my wattpad books while laying down on my bed when I heard loud noises from the living room. They are playing a rock music that could be heard by our neighbors because of the extreme volume.

I'm sure Junhoe is the mastermind.

I walked through my door and opened it, the loud sound welcomed me. With that, I covered my ears and went to Junhoe. Jinhwan, Hanbin and Junhoe were acting like they have an instrument holding as they go along with the music.

What surprised me the most is that...

"What the hell Junhoe! GIVE ME BACK MY UNDERWEAR!" I yelled so they could hear me. I snatched my pink underwear from his hands because he 's pretending that it is an electric guitar.

"I hate you! You're embarassing me!" I yelled at him so he could hear me despite of their music. 

I went emotional. I pouted and my eyes were teary as I go back to my bed. Junhoe's reaction was surprised from my reaction. Jinhwan and Hanbin were busy rock n rolling that they couldn't realize Junhoe and I were talking.

An hour later of locking myself into my room, the loud noises from outside were gone. Maybe Jinhwan and Hanbin already went home after their mess at our condo unit.

A knock from the door came. I rolled my eyes and closed the book I am reading.

"Who is it?"

"Who it might be? Of course your boyfriend Junhoe." I smiled a little and replied.

"My annoying boyfriend?"


"Nothing, nothing." I opened the door and startled with what I saw in front of me.

"Hey Hayul, I'm sorry for everything. For us being so annoying always here in our place." Junhoe said with a red giant teddy bear on his hand that I think he bought yesterday.

"Yeah we're sorry." Jinhwan, standing on Junhoe's right side spoke. He was carrying a paper bag full of cheese fries and burger king foods.

"It really is all Junhoe's fault so don't be mad at us. He said he has your underwear as a lucky charm." Hanbin with chocolates in his hands added. My eyes widened in suprise because I didn't even know that?

Junhoe gave him a smack on the back of his head and looked at me again.

"So, can you forgive me? and us? I promise I won't be annoying again. I love you Hayul and this is all for you." the two made a cheesy sound aaaawwwww as I hugged Junhoe tight. I smelled the fries so yeah, how could I not forgive him?

While I was hugging them, my sharp eyes caught something not satisfying.

Jinhwan and Hanbin what I was staring at and they both facepalmed. I pulled from our hug so Junhoe could see what I just saw.

"Ah, hehe, that's nothing." I gritted my teeth and glared at him in anger.

I just saw my bra and another underwear hanging on the t.v they just used to watch the rock n roll shit.



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